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Tribal Portal turtle logoHeadquarters Tribal Program Coordinators

April 5 , 2011

Office of the Administrator
Ann Campbell
Office of the Administrator
Phone: 202-566-1370
Fax: 202-564-1428
Email: campbell.ann@epa.gov
Diane N. Bazzle
Office of Executive Services
Phone: 202-564-0396
FAX: 202-564-2744
Email: bazzle.diane@epa.gov
Patricia Gilchriest
Office of Executive Services
Phone: 202-564-0404
FAX: 202-564-2744
Email: gilchriest.patricia@epa.gov
Ted Coopwood
Office of Children’s Health Protection
Phone: 202-564-2197
FAX: 202-564-2733
Email: coopwood.ted@epa.gov
Secody Hubbard
Office of Civil Rights
Phone: 202-564-7284
FAX: 202-501-1836
Email: hubbard.secody@epa.gov
Kimberly Patrick
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Phone: 202-564-5386
FAX: 202-501-0756
Email: patrick.kimberly@epa.gov
Doretta Reaves
Office of Public Affairs
Phone: 202-564-5037
FAX: 202-501-1751
Email: reaves.doretta@epa.gov
Denise Dickenson
Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
Phone: 202-564-2784
FAX: 202-501-0062
Email: dickenson.denise@epa.gov
Pamela Stirling
Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation
Phone: 202-566-0949
FAX: 202-566-3003
Email: stirling.pamela@epa.gov
Lisa Knight
Office of Administrative Law Judges
Phone: 202-564-6291
FAX: 202-565-0044
Email: knight.lisa@epa.gov
Cynthia Jones-Jackson
Office of Cooperative Environmental Management
Phone: 202-233-0067
FAX: 202-233-0070
Email: jones-jackson.cynthia@epa.gov
Office of Administration and Resources Management
Joann Brant
OHR Indian Coordinator
Office of Human Resources
Phone: 202-564-0375
FAX: 202-564-7899
Email: brant.joann@epa.gov
Office of Air and Radiation
Pat Childers
Acting Senior Indian Program Manager
Office of Air and Radiation
Phone: 202-564-1082
FAX: 202-564-1327
Email: childers.pat@epa.gov
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Snyder
OCFO Co-Tribal coordinator
Phone: 202-564-1478
FAX: 202-564-1808
Email: snyder.jessica@epa.gov
Mark Vincent
OCFO Co-Tribal coordinator
Phone: 202-564-0876
FAX: 202-501-1890
Email: vincent.marc@epa.gov
Office of Enforcement, and Compliance Assurance
Jonathan Binder
Program Manager
Phone: 202-564-2516
FAX: 202-564-7083
Email: binder.jonathan@epa.gov
Office of Environmental Information
Beth Jackson
Tribal Coordinator
Environmental Analysis Division
Phone: 202-566-0626
FAX: 202-566-0699
Email: jackson.beth@epa.gov
Ruth Alene Soward
Policy and Program Development Staff
Phone: 202-566-0985
FAX: 202-566-0977
Email: soward.ruth-alene@epa.gov
Office of General Counsel
Joe Edgell
Cross-Cutting Issues Law Office
Phone: 202-564-5514
FAX: 202-564-5541
Email: edgell.joe@epa.gov
Joanne Hogan
(Tribal funding generally, CWA/SDWA Set-Asides)
Civil Rights and Finance Law Office
Phone: 202-564-5463
FAX: 202-564-5432
Email: hogan.joanne@epa.gov
Tod Siegal
Cross-Cutting Issues Law Office
Phone: 202-564-5552
FAX: 202-564-5541
Email: siegal.tod@epa.gov
Lauren Willis
Civil Rights and Finance Law Office
Tribal Funding (GAP, PPGs, and Program Grants)
Phone: 202-564-2560
FAX: 202-564-5416
Email: willis.lauren@epa.gov
Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Caren Robinson
Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Phone: 202-564-0544
Fax: 202-564-0298
Email: robinson.caren@epa.gov
Mary Lauterbach
Office Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Phone: 202-564-8821
Fax: 202-564-8813
Email: lauterbach.mary@epa.gov
Elizabeth Resek
Office of Science Coordination and Policy
Phone: 202-564-8459
FAX: 202-564-8452
Email: resek.elizabeth@epa.gov
Georgia McDuffie
Office of Pesticide Programs
Phone: 703-605-0195
FAX: 703-308-1850
Email: mcduffie.georgia@epa.gov
Carl Etsitty
Office of Pesticide Programs
Phone: 703-605-0749
FAX: 703-308-7026
Email: etsitty.carl@epa.gov
Mary Powell
Office of Pesticide Programs
Phone: 703-305-7384
Fax: 703-308-1850
Email: powell.mary@epa.gov
Office of Research and Development
Monica L. Rodia
US EPA Office of Research and Development
Office of Science Policy
Executive Secretary, Tribal Science Council
Phone: 202-564-8322
FAX: 202-565-2925
Email: rodia.monica@epa.gov
Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response
Andrew Baca
OSWER Tribal Coordinator
Innovations, Partnerships and Communications Office, (IPCO)
Phone: 202-566-0185
FAX: 202-566-0202
Email: baca.andrew@epa.gov
Office of Water

Felicia Wright
OW Tribal Program Coordinator
Office of Water Policy

OW Tribal Coordinators (PDF) (1 pg, 214K, About PDF)

Phone: 202-566-1886
FAX: 202-564-0480
Email: wright.felicia@epa.gov


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