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Grants and Funding
About CFDA

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) - the on-line database of all Federal programs available. Each grant is assigned a specific CFDA program code and listed after each EPA grant program. Use the program code to search the database to find further information.

Lead (Pb)

Tribal Educational Outreach on Lead Poisoning and Baseline Assessment of Tribal Children’s Existing and Potential Exposure and Risks Associated with Lead (Tribal Lead Grant Program)
(CFDA: 66.715)

Purpose: To support Tribal lead educational outreach activities and the efforts of Indian tribes to identify children's risks to lead by conducting a baseline assessment of existing and/or potential lead exposures.

Contact: Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics at (202) 564-2902

TSCA Title IV State Lead Grants Certification of Lead-Based Paint Professionals
(CFDA: 66.707)

Purpose: The goal of EPA's lead-based paint program is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by the 2010. The program is comprised of four strategies designed to achieve this goal: 1) Establish standards to define where lead hazards are present in paint, dust and soil; 2) Give the public information about lead hazards and steps to protect themselves; 3) Ensure that information about known lead- based paint hazards is disclosed to individuals buying or renting pre-1978 housing, and that owners and occupants of pre-1978 housing are provided information on lead-based paint hazards before renovation activities take place; 4) Establish lead-safe work practice standards and require lead-based paint professionals to be trained and certified. The objective of this grant program is to assist States, Tribes, and Territories in developing and carrying out authorized programs that: (a) certify contractors engaged in lead-based paint activities and accredit lead-based paint activities training programs; and/or (b) require distribution of lead-hazard information prior to renovation (pre-renovation education program.

Contact: National Lead Information Center for detailed information or questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm eastern time (except Federal holidays) at 1(800) 424-LEAD [5323].

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Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Regional Grants
(CFDA: 66.714)

Purpose: To provide risk reduction from the use of pesticides in agricultural and non-agricultural settings in the United States. The objective is to provide risk reduction from the use of pesticides in agricultural and non-agricultural settings in the United States.

Contact: Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

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Toxic Substances

Toxic Substances Compliance Monitoring Cooperative Agreements
(CFDA: 66.701)

Purpose: To 1) assist States, territories and possessions of the U.S. including the District of Columbia and Indian tribes in developing and maintaining compliance monitoring programs to prevent or eliminate unreasonable risks to health or the environment associated with chemical substances or mixtures within the States, specifically asbestos, PCBs, and lead.; 2) encourage regulatory activities within the States to establish their own programs for lead and asbestos (waiver programs); and 3) for lead programs, fund compliance assistance activities and enforcement efforts. EPA provides funding for cooperative enforcement grants to States and tribes under TSCA to conduct inspections to ensure compliance with the PCB regulations, the asbestos in schools requirements and worker protection standards, and to conduct lead based paint activities.

Contact: Office of Compliance at (202) 564-2280

Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach
(CFDA: 66.716)

Purpose: Grants are awarded to support Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations, Educational Outreach and Special Purpose assistance relating to the protection of public health and the environment from potential risk from toxic chemicals to come.

Contact: Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics at (202) 564-2902

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Pollution Prevention Grants Program
(CFDA: 66.708)

Purpose: The support regional, state, and tribal environmental assistance activities that address preventative approaches to the generation and management of pollutants across all environmental media: air, water and land.

Contact: Pollution Prevention Grants Program Contacts
This page lists contact information for pollution prevention coordinators in each EPA region and includes links to EPA regional P2 Web sites.

Environmental Protection Consolidated Grants – Program Support
(CFDA: 66.114)

Purpose: The consolidated program support grant is an alternative assistance delivery mechanism which allows a State, interstate, or local agency or Federally recognized Indian Tribe responsible for continuing pollution control programs to develop an integrated approach to pollution control.

Contact: EPA's Pollution Prevention Program at (202) 564-8800

Source Reduction Assistance
(CFDA:  66.717)

Purpose: The goal of the Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) grants program is to support projects that will eliminate and/or reduce pollutants at the source as described in the SRA grant solicitation notice. Grant activities may involve, but are not limited to the following: equipment or technology modifications, process or procedure modifications, reformulation or redesign of products, substitution of raw materials, and improvements in housekeeping, maintenance, training, or inventory control.

Contact: EPA’s Pollution Prevention Program at (202) 564-8800.

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