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Regional Tribal Programs
EPA Region 10 Map

Map of EPA Region 10

Regional Indian Program Managers and Coordinators

Sally Thomas — Manager, Tribal Trust and Assistance Unit
Office of Ecosystems, Tribal and Public Affairs
USEPA Region 10 (TTAU -085)
1200 Sixth Ave. Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98101
206-553-2102/Fax (206) 553-6984
email: thomas.sally@epa.gov

Regional Website

The EPA Region 10 Tribal Program website features:

List of Tribes in Region 10

Below is a partial list of Federally Recognized tribes in Region 10. The list of tribes is also available in alphabetical order (Note: all links are outside the EPA serverExit Disclaimer).

Alaska | Idaho | Oregon | Washington 

Alaska (AK)

Idaho (ID)

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Oregon (OR)

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Washington (WA)

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