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Regional Tribal Programs
EPA Region 6 Map

Map of EPA Region 6 Arkansas Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma Texas

Regional Indian Program Managers and Coordinators

Randy Gee - Tribal Affairs Team Leader and Regional Indian Coordinator
Office of Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs
USEPA Region 6
1445 Ross Ave. (6RA-DT)
Dallas, TX  75202
214-665-8355/Fax 214-665-6648
Email: gee.randy@epa.gov

Regional Website

The EPA Region 6 Tribal Program website features:

List of Tribes in Region 6

Below is a partial list of Federally Recognized tribes in Region 6. The list of tribes is also available in alphabetical order (Note: all links are outside the EPA serverExit Disclaimer).

Louisiana | Arkansas | Oklahoma | New Mexico | Texas 

Louisiana (LA)

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Arkansas (AR)

None at this time.

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Oklahoma (OK)

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New Mexico (NM)

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Texas (TX)

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