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Tribal Compliance Assistance Center

Basic Information

Developed as part of EPA's National Enforcement and Compliance Assurance in Indian Country Priority, the Tribal Compliance Assistance Center provides comprehensive compliance assistance and pollution prevention information for regulated activities in Indian country. The Center is designed so tribal environmental professionals and facility owners/operators can access content through 12 entry points:

  1. Waste Management
  2. Drinking Water
  3. Buildings and Vehicles
  4. Pesticides and Toxics
  5. Water Resources
  6. Wastewater
  7. Air Resources
  8. Healthcare
  9. Tribal Enterprises
  10. Pollution Prevention and Green Purchasing
  11. Roles in Indian Country
  12. Public Safety

Each entry point offers links to the most-up-to-date compliance and technical assistance information available from the EPA, including the National Indian Country Priority.

In addition, the Center links to EPA's Report a Violations Webpage, information about environmental activities that may affect the air, water, and land in Indian country, compliance and enforcement information for approximately 800,000 EPA-regulated facilities, and comprehensive material on how and when to apply for federal grants. Finally, the Center provides instant links to EPA, tribal, and other federal agency environmental contacts who can answer questions about environmental compliance issues at both the national and regional level and media-specific level.

For related information visit EPA’s National Indian Country Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Priority site and EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program in Indian country site.

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