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Tribal Compliance Assistance Center

Waste Management | Financial Resources

Step-by-step financial planning process that can help your community determine capital asset technical and financial needs and find available air, waste and water resources to meet your compliance goals.

Solid Waste
Hazardous Waste
Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Resources

Solid Waste

Grant Resources for Solid Waste Activities in Indian Country - August, 1998
Purpose: Identifies financial assistance opportunities for solid waste management programs, including specific information explaining how to obtain tax-exempt status for organizations, locating other grant resources, and preparing successful grant proposals.
Contact: The Grant Resources for Solid Waste Activities in Indian Country section of the Grants and Funding Web site

Preparing Successful Grant Proposals
Purpose: Describes application procedures for solid waste management grants. Provides tips for preparation and writing of proposals, resources for identifying grantors, a check list for grant proposal writing, and a case study describing the Sitka Tribe of Alaska's successful grant proposal, Jobs Through Recycling. Document Number EPA530-F-97-051.
Contact: The Preparing Successful Grant Proposals (txt, 3KB) Web site

Interagency Project to Clean Up Open Dumps
Purpose: Assists with the closure or upgrade of open dumpsites and completing and implementing comprehensive, integrated waste management plans.
Contact: The Grants and Funding Web site

Solid Waste Resource Guide for Native Americans: Where to Find Funding and Technical Assistance, Spring 1994
Purpose: Identifies potential sources of federal financial and technical assistance for safely managing solid waste, implementing the requirements of RCRA, and enhancing tribal capability.
Contact: The Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, RCRA Information Center (rcra-docket@epa.gov) or by phone at (800) 424-9346

The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP)
Purpose: Provides technical, financial management, and managerial support and training to tribal and rural communities with populations under 10,000.
Contact: The RCAP Exit EPA Disclaimer Web site

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Hazardous Waste

The Hazardous Waste Grant Program
Purpose: Encourages comprehensive integrated hazardous waste management practices by building tribal capacity for developing and implementing hazardous waste activities, developing tribal organizational infrastructure, achieving sustainable hazardous waste programs, and building partnerships among tribes, federal agencies, states and local communities.
Contact: Regional hazardous waste tribal program contacts or the Hazardous Waste Grant Program section of the Grants and Funding Web site

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Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Resources

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) State and Tribal Assistance Grants (CFDA: 66.707)
Purpose: Help establish and operate compliance-monitoring programs to conduct inspections for compliance with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) regulations, asbestos-in-schools requirements, and lead-based paint regulations.
Contact: TSCA Web site

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) State and Tribal Assistance Grants (CFDA: 66.700)
Purpose: Assist in developing and maintaining comprehensive pesticide programs that address all aspects of pesticide enforcement, and special pesticide initiatives; sponsor cooperative surveillance, monitoring and analytical procedures; and encourage regulatory activities.
Contact: FIFRA Web site

Multi-media State and Tribal Assistance Grants (STAG) (CFDA: 66.709)
Purpose: Build and improve capacity by providing assistance agreements to foster environmental enforcement and compliance assurance activities and to improve compliance with environmental laws. Such capacity building efforts may include economic, social science, statistical research, development, studies, surveys, demonstrations, investigations, public education, training, and fellowships.
Contact: Multi-media STAG Web site

The Compliance Assistance Support for the Regulated Community (CFDA: 66.305)
Purpose: Provides financial assistance to private nonprofit institutions, universities, and public agencies to improve environmental compliance and to create compliance assistance tools utilizing industry and commercial communication channels.
Contact: Compliance Assistance Support Exit EPA Disclaimer and the Compliance Assistance Centers Exit EPA Disclaimer

Capacity Building Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Activities in Indian Country and Other Tribal Areas (CFDA: 66.310)
Purpose: Build and improve the capacity of tribes, inter-tribal consortia, or tribal organizations by providing financial resources to foster environmental enforcement and compliance assurance activities and to improve compliance with environmental laws.
Contact: Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance at (202) 564-2516

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For related information visit EPA’s National Indian Country Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Priority site and EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program in Indian country site.

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