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Chemical Speciation

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This area contains information on EPA's Chemical Speciation program.

The Speciation data is housed in the EPA Air Quality System (AQS) data base. The AQS is designed for State, Tribal, and Local agencies, EPA Regional Offices, consultants and other users of environmental data. The AQS provides information about the use of the AQS application, software downloads, file formats, background information, and events of special interest to personnel working with data for the AQS. The AQS web site also includes information about how to request AQS data.

Also see The EPA Speciate database containing organic compound and particulate matter speciation profiles for more than 300 source types. The profiles attempt to break the total volatile organic compound (VOC) or particulate matter (PM) emissions from a particlar source into the individual compounds (for VOCs) or elements (for PM).


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