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Bio-Reactor/ Bio-Filtration Research

Biodegradation is a very natural process commonly used by man world-wide today in water treatment plants and in solid waste composting operations. This very natural process is increasingly used for hazardous waste site remediation. Biodegradation can also be an effective, low cost, sustainable, process for the removal of volatile organic compounds and toxic Air pollutants from industrial emissions. There are many technologies being promoted on the market that have not yet undergone complete testing.

In partnership with the industry, academia, and States, EPA has sponsored several forums, the last one in 1997, to promote understanding of the type of information EPA needs, to consider a bioreactor technology, as a control option, in regulatory development activities.

June 3, 1997 Air Biotreatment Meeting Notice
June 3, 1997 Air Biotreatment Costs
June 3, 1997 Air Biotreatment Meeting Abstracts
June 2002 Presentation at the AWMA meeting
April 2003 Presentation at the ATIWS meeting
June 2003 Presentation at the ATIWS meeting
April 2003 Conceptual diagram of Homemade Bioreactor for very small sources

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