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Case Studies/Environmental Monitoring

The purpose for these community-based EMPACT projects is to make real-time environmental monitoring information available to their respective communities in a format that is useable and easy to understand (using the project Web site - and other outreach media). Each technology transfer handbook provides project case studies and contains suggestions and recommendations that can be used to design, employ and maintain comparable environmental monitoring, data management/delivery, and communication/outreach programs. The handbooks also provide lessons-learned and success stories associated with the planning and implementation of these projects. The handbooks are written primarily for community organizers, non-profit groups, local government officials, tribal officials, and other decision-makers who will implement, or are considering implementing, comparable environmental monitoring and outreach programs.

Pdf versions of each handbook are available for viewing and downloading from EPA's Office of Research and Development Technology Transfer Web site at http://www.epa.gov/ttbnrmrl/ . (In many cases, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher to view and download the pdf files.) In addition, CD ROM versions of each technology transfer handbook (and in some cases, print versions) are currently or will be available during the Summer of 2003 for direct on-line ordering (free-of-charge) from this ORD Web site. It is recommended that you periodically visit the Web site for publication updates.

The following is a complete list of the EMPACT products developed by the Technology Transfer and Support Division of ORD's National Risk Management Research Laboratory. The list includes URL addresses of handbook pdf files currently available to view and download.

Technology Transfer Handbooks in process of ORD publication

  • 1) Planning and Implementing a Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring and Outreach Program for Your Community / The AirBeat Project of Roxbury, Massachusetts, EPA/625/R-02/012 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/012 (CD ROM)
  • 2) Developing and Implementing a Lead Dust Outreach, Monitoring, and Education Program in Your Community The Syracuse Lead Dust Project, EPA/625/R-02/014 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/014 (CD ROM)
  • 3) Delivering Timely Air Quality, Traffic and Weather Information to Your Community / The Paso del Norte Environmental Monitoring Project, EPA/625/R-02/013 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/013 (CD ROM)
  • 4) Urban Sprawl Modeling, Air Quality Monitoring, and Risk Communication: The Northeast Ohio Project, EPA/625/R-02/016 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/016 (CD ROM)
  • 5) Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: The Miami River Index Project. EPA/625/R-03/002 (print version), EPA/625/C-03/002 (CD ROM)
  • 6) Facilitating Public Access to Government Environmental Monitoring Data / The Living Everglades Web Site, EPA/625/R-02/020 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/020 (CD ROM)
  • 7) Risk Communication in Action, Environmental Case Studies Handbook, EPA/625/R-02/011 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/011 (CD ROM)-- NOTE PRINT VERSION NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER
  • 9) Developing and Implementing an Estuarine Water Quality Monitoring, Assessment,and Outreach Program / The MYSoundProject, EPA/625/R-02/010 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/010 (CD ROM)-- NOTE PRINT VERSION NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Technology Transfer Handbooks already published (both in print and CD ROM):

  • 1) Ozone Monitoring, Mapping and Public Outreach: Delivering Real-Time Ozone Information to Your Community, EPA/625/R-99/007 (print version), EPA/625/C-99/002 (CD ROM)
  • 2) Lead Safe Yards: Developing and Implementing a Monitoring, Assessment and Outreach Program for Your Community, EPA/625/R-00/012 (print version), EPA/625/C-00/012 (CD ROM)
  • 3) Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: Lake Access, Minneapolis Project, EPA/625/R-00/013 (print version), EPA/625/C-00/013 (CD ROM version)
  • 4) Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: The Jefferson Parish Louisiana Project. EPA/625/R-01/005 (print version), EPA/625/C-01/005, (CD ROM)
  • 5) Providing Timely Drinking Water and Source Water Quality Information to Your Community, The Des Moines Water Works Project, EPA/625/R-01/006 (print version), EPA/625/C-01/006 (CD ROM)
  • 6) Developing and Implementing a Bird Migration Monitoring, Assessment, and Public Outreach Program for Your Community, The BirdCast Project, EPA/625/R-01/007 (print version), EPA/625/C-01/007 (CD ROM)
  • 7) Delivering Timely Water Quality Data to Your Community The Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network (BASIN) Project , EPA/625/R-01/010 (print version), EPA/625/C-01/010 (CD ROM)
  • 8) Community-Based UV Risk Education: The SunWise Program Handbook, EPA/625/R-02/008 (print version awaiting publication**), EPA/625/C-02/008 (CD ROM published)
  • 9) Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: The Chesapeake Bay and National Aquarium in Baltimore EMPACT Projects, EPA/625/R-02/018 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/018 (CD ROM)
  • 10) Environmental Curricula Handbook: Tools in Your Schools, EPA/625/R-02/009 (print version), EPA/625/C-02/009 (CD ROM)

Summary Report Published:

  • 1) Report of the December 15, 1999 EPA Satellite Forum on Ozone Monitoring, Mapping and Public Outreach. EPA/625/R-00/003 (print version)

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