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Air Emissions Reporting Requirements (AERR)

AERR Proposal

June 20, 2013:  On June 20, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published revisions to the Air Emissions Reporting Rule (AERR) in the Federal Register. The proposed amendments would reduce reporting burden for state, local and tribal agencies, improve consistency and clarity with other rules, and better reflect current inventory technologies and practices.
Proposed AERR Revisions
Proposed AERR Fact Sheet (PDF 32KB)

AERR Final Rule

December 4, 2008:  In an effort to improve EPA’s ability to compile a national inventory of air pollutant emissions, EPA has finalized a rule that will provide states with additional flexibility in the way they collect and report emissions data. Providing states with additional flexibility in how they submit air emission data will increase the efficiency with which state and local programs are able to operate. The final rule will accelerate the reporting of air emissions data by state and local agencies which will allow EPA to make the data available to the public and policymakers sooner. Additionally, the final rule will unify reporting dates for various categories of inventories and consolidate the emission inventory reporting requirements found in various parts of the Code of Federal Regulations. The AERR is an update to the previous Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule (CERR).

Final Published AERR Rule (PDF 147KB)
AERR Fact Sheet (PDF 25KB)

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