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Emission Inventory Conferences and Workshops

21st International Emission Inventory Conference - "Air Quality Challenges: Tackling the Changing Face of Emissions" - The 2015 International Emissions Inventory Conference held at the Doubletree Hotel, San Diego, CA, April 13 - 16, April 2015 is now open for registration. To register for the conference, training courses and Exhibitor, please complete the on-line registration form located on the conference registration web page at Register for Conference. If you cannot access the Conference Registration webpage, please contact Abt Associates at 919-294-7825 or email EIconference@abtassoc.com. Training courses are on a first come, first served basis, via registration. The Preliminary Program describes the conference schedule, the individual technical sessions and presentation topics, the specific training courses available and should be used to guide your choices in making on-line registration. Please refer to the conference website for additional information.
20th International Emission Inventory Conference - "Emission Inventories - Meeting the Challenges Posed by Emerging Global, National, and Regional and Local Air Quality Issues" - Tampa, Florida, August 13 - 16, 2012.
19th International Emission Inventory Conference - "Emission Inventories - Informing Emerging Issues" - San Antonio, Texas, September 27 - 30, 2010.
18th International Emission Inventory Conference - "Comprehensive Inventories - Leveraging Technology and Resources" - Baltimore, Maryland, April 14 - 17, 2009.
17th International Emission Inventory Conference - "Inventory Evolution - Portal to Improved Air Quality" Portland, Oregon, June 2 - 5, 2008
16th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference - "Emission Inventories: Integration, Analysis, Communication" Raleigh, North Carolina, May 14 - 17, 2007
15th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference - "Reinventing Inventories - New Ideas in New Orleans" New Orleans, Louisiana, May 15 - 18, 2006.

14th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference "Transforming Emission Inventories - Meeting Future Challenges Today" Las Vegas, Nevada, April 11 - 14, 2005.

International Emission Inventory Conference, "Working for Clean Air in Clearwater," Clearwater, Florida, June 7 - 10, 2004.
International Emission Inventory Conference "Emission Inventories - Applying New Technologies," San Diego, CA, April 28 - May 1, 2003.

International Emission Inventory Conference "Emission Inventories - Partnering for the Future," Atlanta, GA, April 15-18, 2002.

International Emission Inventory Conference, "One Atmosphere, One Inventory, Many Challenges." Denver, CO, April 30, 2001.

US EPA Emission Inventory Conference Style Guide

This guide was created to provide an outline for authors who are preparing papers or poster presentations to be delivered at emission inventory conferences sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is important that these guidelines are followed in order to prepare conference proceedings in a timely manner.

Get the Style Guide (PDF 215K) - updated June 2012

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