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Related Emissions Factors Documents

This section of the Emissions Factors and Policy Applications Center includes potentially useful information related to emissions estimation. It is presented For Your Information (FYI) and, as is true with all emissions estimation information, it should be used with discretion and with due consideration of its relevance to a particular application. It contains information developed by the US EPA or by outside parties which has undergone limited EPA and external review and is felt to be potentially useful, but which is not contained in AP 42. It should be used with discretion.

Explanation of File Formats

Iron and Steel Foundries Emission Estimation Protocol (PDF 1499K)   Dec, 2012
Reconciling Urban Fugitive Dust Emissions Inventory and Ambient Source Contribution Estimates: Summary of Current Knowledge and Recent Research, Desert Research Institute - FINAL (PDF 2.6M)   May, 2000
Residential Wood Stove Technology Review, Volume I, EPA-600/R-98-174a   December 1998
Residential Wood Stove Technology Review, Volume II: Appendices A-C, EPA-600/R-98-174b   December 1998
Review copy of CFA Emission Models for the Reinforced Plastics Industries prepared for the Composite Fabricators Association. (PDF 406K)

CFA is now the American Composites Manufacturers Association.
Readme (TXT) March 1998

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