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Explanation of File Formats

Adobe Acrobat Files (PDF)

PDF files are viewed and printed with the use of an Adobe Acrobat Reader Exit EPA Disclaimer that is free of charge from Adobe.

ZIP Files (ZIP)

ZIP files are word processing, database or spreadsheet files that must be unzipped (decompressed) before the file (or files) contained in the ZIP can be used. PKUNZIP is shareware that is available from Pkware. Exit EPA Disclaimer Windows programs, such as WinZip Exit EPA Disclaimer are also available. This program is not free, but does handle ZIP and other compressed formats.

Text Files (TXT)

ASCII Text files are plain text files that can be read by any text editor or word processing software.

HTML Files (HTML or HTM)

HTML files are hypertext markup language files which can be read by a Web browser.

Executable Files (EXE)

A PC executable file that can be executed after downloading.


Windows Installer Files (MSI)

A file created by Windows Installer for a silent (unattended) installation.


DBF Files (DBF)

DBF files are Dbase database files which can be read by most database or spreadsheet programs.

Access Database Files (MDB)

Microsoft Access database files.

Lotus 1-2-3 Files (WK4)

Lotus 1-2-3 Workbook files.

Excel Files (XLS or XLW)

Microsoft Excel files.

WordPerfect Files (WPD)

Corel WordPerfect files that are not compressed.

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