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National Emissions Inventory Input Format (NIF) 3.0 and the NEI Output Format (NOF)

National Emission Inventory (NEI) Input Format Training
NEI Input Format (NIF) Training Session, Updated April 2003 (PDF 500K)
Files Required to Implement the NEI Input Format
NIF Version 3.0 - Updated November 2003
NIF 3.0 Release announcement (PDF 8K)
Information regarding the November 2003 update to the NIF 3.0 (PDF 40K)
NIF 3.0 User Guide Revised November 2003 (Errata Included) (PDF 380K)
NIF 3.0 Specifications
In MS Excel updated November 2003
     Point Sources   (XLS 81K)
     Area and Nonroad Mobile Sources   (XLS 51K)
     On-Road Mobile Sources   (XLS 34K)
     Biogenic Sources   (XLS 28K)

NIF 3.0 Specification
In MS Access revised November 2003. Field typos corrected June 2004

    MS Access2002   (MDB 760K)
    MS Access97   (MDB 306K)
NIF 3.0 Code Tables
In MS Access updated October 7, 2008
  (MDB 17.1M)
Documentation of NIF 3.0 changes compared to 2.0   (XLS 163K)
Cross-reference list of the Consolidated Emission Reporting Rule (CERR) data elements to NIF 3.0 (PDF 77K)
NEI Output Format (NOF) - February 2005
NOF 3.0 files - MS Access
  Point Sources (MDB 1.2M)
  Nonpoint Sources (MDB 1.2M)
  Onroad Sources (MDB 1.2M)
  Nonroad Sources (MDB 1.2M)
NOF 3.0 files for developers- MS Excel
  Point Sources (XLS 44K)
  Nonpoint and Nonroad Sources (XLS 30K)
  Onroad Sources (XLS 22K)
Additional Resources
Description of the NIF as MS Access shell. (PDF 8K)
State/Local Agency Example of Converting Local Data Format to NIF (PDF 9K)
Explanation of File Formats

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