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Cost Analysis Models/Tools

OAQPS develops and applies methodologies for estimating the costs of air pollution regulations. Products include cost methodology manuals, spreadsheets for estimating costs, national databases of emission control measures, and other useful information related to air pollution control costs. Provided below are the cost-related models and tools maintained by OAQPS. Click on the model/tool of interest and you will be taken to a separate page where a detailed description and downloadable files can be found.

File Description

EPA Air Pollution Control Cost Manual – provides up-to-date information on point source and stationary area source air pollution controls for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and some acid gases (primarily SO2 and HCl); includes guidance for the development of accurate and consistent costs for air pollution control devices.

NEW! EPA is currently at work updating the EPA Air Pollution Control Cost Manual. This update is required according to the 2014 Omnibus Bill. EPA expects to complete all revisions to chapters over the next 3 years (Timeline for chapter revision).

AirControlNET - a PC-based program that provides estimates of emission reductions and costs for control strategies applied at various geographic levels (national, regional, local) and for various types of emission sources (point, area, mobile, nonroad).
Air Compliance Advisor – is a PC-based program to supplement EPA’s Air Pollution Control Cost Manual; user inputs specific information about a pollution source to derive pre-control levels of pollution for VOCs, NOx, PM, and SO2 and can perform dynamic "what-if" analyses to rapidly develop creative strategies for pollution control.
Control Strategy Tool (CoST) – is a client-server system and is part of EPA's Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF). The purpose of EPA�s Control Strategy Tool (CoST) is to model the emission reductions and engineering costs associated with control strategies applied to point, area, and mobile sources of air pollutant emissions to support the analyses of air pollution policies and regulations. The Control Strategy Tool was developed as a replacement for the AirControlNET (ACN) software tool.
Other Cost Spreadsheets/Indices - Due to changes in the data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards no longer supports the Vatavuk Air Pollution Control Cost Indexes (VAPCCI). Other good indexes are readily available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and from a variety of private sources. We invite you to investigate these alternative measures, all of which produce reliable results. This decision effects our support for the CO$T-AIR spreadsheets, as well and the EPA will no longer update these files. However, OAQPS invites you to download and use the Air Compliance Advisor (see link above). The ACA fully incorporates the functions performed by the CO$T-AIR spreadsheets and is maintained by EPA to ensure the latest prices and equations are being used.

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