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4.2 Structure and Content

Table 4-1 provides an annotated industry profile outline that should serve as the basis for developing an industry profile. The proposed structure and content should be considered a flexible framework for initial development of the profile that should be subsequently tailored to fit the specifics of the subject industry. The profile structure shown in Table 4-1 has been used for numerous industry profiles in ISEG, and the profile content has facilitated the development of many economic analyses of proposed regulatory actions. In addition, the industry profile conveys EPA's understanding of the potentially affected industry to other interested parties involved in the regulatory development process. This allows industry representatives and others to review and provide comments on the accuracy and appropriateness of the information that will serve as the basis for the economic analysis.

Because of time and resource constraints, in some cases, some of the industry profile data elements outlined in Table 4-1 cannot be obtained. When data are not readily available, the specific needs of the economic analysis should determine the choices made about selective data collection. In these cases, the EPA WAM should determine which data are essential for the completion of a satisfactory economic analysis. This decision will vary from case to case, so there is no unique list of minimum data requirements. However, data that would be considered indispensable in conducting a market analysis would include baseline market volumes and prices, assumed or estimated supply and demand price elasticities, and company-level sales and employment data to address impacts on small businesses.


4 Industry Profile

 4.0 Intro

 4.1 Purpose and Use

 4.2 Structure and Content

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Table 4-1
Table 4-1 (continued)
Table 4-1 (continued)

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