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Proceedings of EPA's Optical Remote Sensing Workshop July 29-31, 2002

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Summary of Proceedings 11/02  
Workshop Agenda 11/02  
Workshop Attendees 11/02  
Session 1: ORS Applications for Compliance and Regulatory Issues
ORS for Non-Point Sources (P. Sullivan) 11/02  
EPA's Continued Development of ORS for Emissions Monitoring (B. Harris) 11/02  
Tunable Diode Laser and UV Spectroscopy (H. Schiff) Not Available 11/02 not available
IR Active-Open Path for Chemical Agents and HAPs (R. Kagann) 11/02  
Ultra-Spectral FTIR Imager Imager for Gas Mapping (J. Otten) Not Available 11/02 not available
Gas Sensing Technologies for Environmental and Compliance Monitoring (S. Bisson) Not Available 11/02 not available
Session 2: Developments in Remote Particle Sensing Technology
LIDAR Detection of PM (h. Moosmuller) 11/02  
Extinction Spectroscopy for Characterization of Particulate Matter & Concentration in Fugitive Plumes (R. Hashmonay) 11/02  
Eye - Safe LIDAR for Aerosol and Cloud Measurements (S. Higdon) 11/02  
Plume Dimensioning & Volume Estimation Using Aerosol LIDAR (A. Sedlacek) 11/02  
Overview of HARLIE Measurement Capabilities 11/02  
Small Group Discussions
ORS Uses for Leak Detection (B. Vaughn) 11/02
Current Regulatory Experiences in Using ORS (B. Spellicy) 11/02  
Fugitive Emissions - PM Work Group (Deborah Howard) 11/02

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