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Method 207 - Presurvey for Corn Wet-Milling Facilities

Text of Test Method 207 - Presurvey for Corn Wet-Milling Facilities PDF file


Is Method 207 the pre-survey for wet milling ethanol facilities or for measuring isocyanates? On the EPA website I have found several references to EPA Method 207 that deal with sampling of isocyanates, while I found others that are the Pre-survey for wet milling ethanol facilities.

There's been some confusion regarding Method 207. The Method 207 designation was first given to a method for isocyanates that was proposed in 1997 (62 FR 6432), but was never finalized. That method for isocyanates is now Other Test Method 14 (OTM-14) and can be found on our website here. The Method 207 designation is now assigned to the Pre-survey Procedure for Corn Wet-milling Facility Emissions which was promulgated in 2008 (73 FR 30775). This presurvey procedure was formerly Other Test Method 11 (OTM-11) which we will soon be clarified on our website.

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