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Federal Register Proposed Test Methods (TM)

Federal Register proposed test methods have been published in the Federal Register as proposed rules, but have not yet been promulgated. Proposed Federal Register Methods maybe new methods or revisions to existing FR Methods. When the method is promulgated, it becomes the official Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Method and will be removed from this directory and placed in the CFR Promulgated Method directory.

From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The available file formats are represented by icons on the right side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the file format you wish to receive. For an explanation of file formats and their icons, see our TTNWeb File Types.

File Description

Posting Date

File Types

Proposal of Quality Assurance Requirements for Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems 3/2012
Proposal of Test Methods Corrections Package 2/2012
Proposal to Revise Method 2H 9/15/2009
Correction Notice for Method 2H 9/15/2009
Method 23 - 5/31/95 FR Notice (Proposed Revision). 6-1-95
Method 23 - 5/31/95 FR Notice (Proposed Revision) (Adobe format). 7-31-97
Method 203 (Proposed) Continuous Opacity Monitoring for Compliance. 1-30-95
Method 207 - Method for Measuring Isocyanates (Proposed 12/08/97). 12/08/97
Method 301 Federal Register Proposed Revisions- Method for Field Validation. 01/13/05
Preamble to Method 310, 312, & 313 (Proposed 6/12/95). 6-15-95
Proposed Method 319 - Filtration Efficiency for Paint Overspray Arrestors (Proposed 10/19/96). 2-18-97
Proposed Method 322 - HCl Emissions from Portland Cement Kilns by GFCIR 3/11/98 (WordPerfect version). 3-11-98

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