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Federal Advisory Committee Act -
Ozone, PM, Regional Haze Implementation

Phase I Issue Papers

Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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File Description

File Date


File Types

Economic incentives issue paper dtd 2/13/97 2-13-97 68757 Word Perfect file
AOI/RAMP concept paper dtd 2/13/97 2-13-97 22174 Word Perfect file
Inst Mechanisms issue paper dtd 2/13/97 2-13-97 64740 Word Perfect file
Revised NSR Paper - 11/96 11-14-96 36992 Word Perfect file
Ad Hoc Report on Attainment Dates 11-12-96 8468 Word Perfect file
Revised Integrations Paper, Dated 11/12/96 11-12-96 40071 Word Perfect file
Revised Reg. Haze Paper, Dated 11/12/96 11-12-96 55275 Word Perfect file
Revised PM designation options paper, 11/12 11-12-96 133777 Word Perfect file
Monitoring incentives paper dtd 10/18/96 10-21-96 53287 Word Perfect file
At Risk paper dated 10/20 10-20-96 53570 Word Perfect file
AOI illustrations in freelance dtd 9/17 9-19-96 49562 pre file
Draft aoi approach dtd 9/19 9-19-96 38418 Word Perfect file
Attainment date paper & recommendation 9-18-96 38027 Word Perfect file
Final: Too Close To Call 7-25-96 31744 word file
Revised combined designations paper dtd 7/25 7-25-96 46319 Word Perfect file
Final/Final Exp Based Mon System 7-24-96 29184 word file

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