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The Multimedia Integrated Modeling System (MIMS) framework was designed and developed by the U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development. MIMS supports complex computational studies that use multiple interrelated models / programs, such as the modules within TRIM. MIMS is used by TRIM to run various models in sequence, while sharing input and output files.

The integration of the TRIM models and other programs is accomplished using a MIMS Project. A MIMS project serves as a container for all of the building blocks used in a study, such as the software programs (modules) to be run and scenarios that specify how the models communicate with one another. The MIMS approach differs from that of the model-centric frameworks because the MIMS modules do not conceptually communicate directly with one another like traditional models, but only through shared interfaces called domain objects, or via shared databases or files. Below are definitions of some important concepts used by MIMS.

Instructions for using MIMS for TRIM will be provided in Volume 1 of the TRIM.Risk User’s Guide. Additional information about MIMS concepts and how to navigate a MIMS project is available in Chapters 1 and 2 of the "MIMS for Models-3 Applications Tutorial" (available at http://www.cmascenter.org/tutorials/MIMS).

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