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Office of Air and Radiation Regulatory Updates

October 1999

Regulatory Actions

Final Report to Congress on Great Waters. [Contact: Dale Evarts (919) 541-5535]

Final Federal Plan and Emission Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. [Contact: Mary Ann Warner (919) 541-1192]

Proposed revisions to the Guidelines on Air Quality Models - Appendix W to 40 CFR Part 51. [Contact: Tom Coulter (919) 541-0832]

Final air toxics rule for Publicly-Owned Treatment Works. [Contact: Bob Lucas (919) 541- 0884]

Proposed amendments to air toxics rule for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing. [Contact: Steve Shedd ( 919) 541-5397]

Final rule amending test procedures for Heavy Duty Engines and Light Duty Vehicles and Trucks and amendments to the Emission Standard Provisions for Gaseous Fueled Vehicles and Engines. [Contact: Chuck Moulis (734) 214-3826]

Direct final rule for Nitrogen Oxides Emission Reduction Program, Rule Revision in Response to court Remand. [Contact: Dwight Alpern (202) 564-9151]

Direct final rule for Acid Rain Program - Permits Rule Revisions, Industrial Utility-Units Exemption. [Contact: Dwight Alpern (202) 564-9151]


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