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Technology Transfer Network - OAR Policy and Guidance

OAR Policy and Guidance Metarecord

Document Title/Subject:
Letter Clarifying VOC Definition Policy
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Signed by: G. T. Helms

Signature Date: January 26, 1996

G. T. Helms
Ozone Policy & Strategies Group, AQSSD, OAQPS


Regulatory Authority:
Title 1
Air Quality Strategies and Standards Division (OAQPS)
Submitted By:
Document Type:
Policy & Guidance Memos
EPA Document Number:

Federal Register:
Subject Category:
Emissions Hazardous air pollutants
HAPs National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
NESHAPs Volatile organic compounds
Organic chemicals New Source Peformance Standards (NSPS)
Air pollutants Chemicals Standards
This letter in in response to an October 24, 1995 letter asking for clarification concerning which organic chemicals are to be regulated in serveral new source performance standards (NSPS) which do not refer specifically to the definition of volatile organic compounds (VOC). It was also requiested that the EPA add language to these sections to clarify that those compounds which are listed as having a certain negligible photochemical reactivity are exempt from regulation under each of these NSPS and from the VOC definition in the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). The Agency posted a copy of this letter on EPA's Technology Transfer Network (TTN) computer bulletin to help ensure that facilities subject to these regulations and the States that may be regulating the facilities are aware of this interpretation. The EPA continues to examine the necessity and feasibility of regulatory revisions in connection with other regulatory efforts. This file contains an addi tional WP file within its contents. The file may be formatted through PDF and/or WP and is approximately 17 pages in PDF format.

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