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Document Title/Subject:
Final Rule & Fact Sheet: Air Quality Planning & Management for Indian Tribes
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Signed by: Carol Browner, Administrator

Signature Date: February 3, 1998

David LaRoche, Office of Program Management Operations, OAR (6102)

Fact Sheets

Final Rule

Final Rule
Federal Register - February 12, 1998

Regulatory Authority:
Title 1 Title 5
Office of Program Management Operations, Office of Air and Radiation (OAR)
Submitted By:
Document Type:
Proposed & Final Preambles & Rules
Fact Sheets
EPA Document Number:

Federal Register:
63 FR 7253 02/12/98
Subject Category:
Compliance and Enforcement
Environmental Protection Agency
Compliance assistance
Air quality
Clean Air Act
Federal government
Financing and grants
Tribal government
On 2/12/98, CAA final rules dealing with air quality planning and management for Indian Tribes were published in the Federal Register. The effective date of these rules is 3/16/98. The rule provides that Tribes will be treated in the same manner as States for virtually all CAA programs and contains the criteria for establishing that Tribes are eligible for treatment in the same manner as States. Two documents are available: a 2-page Fact Sheet (WordPerfect 6.1 format) and a 43-page html file containing the full text of the Preamble (discussion) and rule in the same format as it appeared in the 2/12/98 Federal Register. The Fact Sheet outlines applicable CAA programs, eligibility criteria, flexibility for Tribes to develop portions of CAA programs, Federal requirements for approving Tribal programs under the CAA, and an overview of how current financial assistance operating under sections 103 and 105 will continue under the new rules. The preamble file includes the background for the final rule, the EPA's analysis of major issues raised by commenters, and an explanation of significant changes from the proposal (as proposed 8/25/94). The second part of the html file contains the full text of all new or revised rules dealing with tribal air quality management programs. This includes affected sections of 40 CFR Part 9 (OMB Approvals Under the Paperwork Reduction Act), 40 CFR Part 35 (State and Local Assistance), 40 CFR Part 49 (Tribal Clean Air Act Authority), 40 CFR Part 50 (National Primary and Secondary Ambient Air Quality Standards), and 40 CFR Part 81 (Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes).

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