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Document Title/Subject:
Limited Maintenance Plan for PM10: Guidance Memorandum
Related Documents:
Procedures for Processing Requests to Redesignate Areas to Attainment

Attachment A: Critical Design Value Estimation and Its Applications
Signed by: Lydia Wegman

Signature Date:

Gary Blais


Regulatory Authority:
Title 1
Air Quality Strategies and Standards Division (OAQPS) / Lydia Wegman
Submitted By:
OGC Contact:
Michael Prosper
OGC Phone#:
Internet Contact:
Jeff Clark
Document Type:
Policy & Guidance Memos
EPA Document Number:

Federal Register:
Subject Category:
Particulate matter
PM10 Nonattainment areas Maintenance plan design value
Air quality
Clean Air Act
Environmental policy
This memorandum sets forth new guidance on maintenance plan submissions for certain moderate PM10 nonattainment areas seeking redesignation to attainment. If the area meets the criteria listed in this policy the State may submit a maintenance plan at the time it is requesting redesignation that is more streamlined than would ordinarily be permitted. This new option is being termed a limited maintenance plan (LMP). Moderate PM10 areas that do not meet the applicability criteria of this policy, and all serious PM10 nonattainment areas, will continue to be expected to meet our guidance for submission of a full maintenance plan as described in the September 4, 1992 memorandum, "Procedures for Processing Requests to Redesignate Areas to Attainment," from John Calcagni, former Director of the OAQPS Air Quality management Division to the Regional Air Division Directors.

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