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Section 126 Rule: Revised Deadlines: Final Rule
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Signed by: Christine Todd Whitman, Administrator

Signature Date: April 23, 2002

Carla Oldham, OAQPS/OPSG, 919/541-3347




Regulatory Authority:
Title 1
Air Quality Strategies and Standards Division (OAQPS) / Lydia Wegman
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OGC Contact:
Howard Hoffman
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Internet Contact:
Jeff Clark
Document Type:
Proposed & Final Preambles & Rules
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Subject Category:
Nitrogen oxides
Interstate transport EGUs Non-EGUs
Air quality
EPA is revising the compliance date and other related dates for sources subject to a final rule published 1/18/00, (Section 126 Rule). The Rule requires electric generating units (EGUs) and non-electric generating units (non-EGUs) located in 12 States and the District of Columbia to reduce their NOx emissions through a NOx cap-and-trade program. Originally, EPA harmonized the Section 126 Rule with a related ozone transport rule, known as the NOx SIP Call, by establishing the same compliance date of 5/1/03. A court action delayed the NOx SIP Call deadline unitl 5/31/04. On 8/24/01, the court temporarily suspended the Section 126 Rule compliance date for EGUs pending resolution of an issued remanded by the court related to EGU growth factors. On 4/23/02, EPA issued its response to the growth factor remand. That action reactivated the compliance period for EGUs after nearly a year delay. With this final rule, EPA is resetting the EGU compliance date and other related dates. The EPA is als o resetting the dates for non-EGU sources to match the new dates for EGUs. The new complaince date is 5/31/04. Other related dates are extended by 1 year from the original deadlines. This rule once again aligns the Section 126 Rule with the NOx SIP Call.

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