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Document Title/Subject:
Federal Plan Requirements for Large Municipal Waste Combustors
Related Documents:
Emission Guidelines and Compliance Times for Large Municipal Waste Combustors that are Constructed on or before 9/20/94: promulgated 12/19/95; Direct Final Amendment: promulgated 8/25/97
Signed by: Carol Browner

Signature Date: 1/23/98

Julie Andresen



Regulatory Authority:
Title 3
Information Transfer and Program Integration Division (OAQPS)
Submitted By:
Document Type:
Proposed & Final Preambles & Rules
EPA Document Number:
Docket: A 97-45
Federal Register:
62.FR 3509
Subject Category:
Air pollutants
The attached Municipal Waste Combustors (MWC)/Federal Plan document is an interim action fulfilling statutory requirements until State plans are approved. By proposing this MWC Federal Plan, EPA is completing its obligation under Section 129 of the Act to establish emission limits and other requirements for MWC units in States that have not yet submitted approvable plans. The Clean Air Act Amendments directed the EPA to set standards of performance and emission guidelines for new and existing MWC's under Sections 111 and 129. The EPA promulgated emission guidelines for MWC on 12/19/95, and revised them on 8/25/97. States were required to submit a State Plan to implement the emission guidelines on or before 12/19/97.

In the proposed MWC/Federal Plan rulemaking, EPA becomes the interim implementing authority in those instances where the State Agency has failed to submit a plan. This action does not change the requirements for a State Plan, but fills the gap until the States get their plans approved by EPA. The Federal Plan will keep MWC owners on schedule to meet the December 19, 2000, statutory deadline. When a State Plan is approved, it will supersede the Federal Plan in that State.

The proposed Federal Plan applies to MWC units in any State that does not have an approved plan. There are 24 States with MWC units covered by the 1995 MWC regulations. As of 12/19/97, EPA has approved two State Plans (Oregon and Florida), has five State Plans under review (New York, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Illinois), and has been notified by eleven other States (New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, Minnesota, Oklahoma, California, Hawaii, and Washington) that they intend to submit State Plans in early 1998. The six remaining States expect to submit State Plans later (Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio).

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