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Document Title/Subject:
Technical Support Document for Evaluation of Throughly Mixed Biological Treatment Units
Related Documents:
Appendix C to Part 63
Signed by: Unsigned

Signature Date:

Elaine Manning
Jan Meyer



Regulatory Authority:
Title 3
Emission Standards Division (OAQPS)
Submitted By:
Manning. Elaine
Document Type:
Background Information Documents
EPA Document Number:

Federal Register:
Subject Category:
Wastewater treatment
biological treatment
Air pollutants
This document is intended to provide information to assist anyone who needs to determine whether a biological treatment unit meets the definition of an "enhanced biological treatment system or enhanced biological treatment process" for the purpose of using certain compliance demonstration provisions in 40 CFR part 63, subpart G. Potential users of this document include owners and operators of sources subject to 40 CFR part 63, subpart G as well as enforcement personnel evaluating whether a specific biological treatment process meets the criteria in the definition. It is therefore assumed that readers of this document are familiar with the requirements of subpart G for treatment of wastewater and consequently those requirements are not restated in this document. This information is intended for clarification purposes only, does not constitute final agency action, and cannot be relied upon to create any rights enforceable by any party.

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