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OAR Policy and Guidance Metarecord

Document Title/Subject:
Proposed Amendments to Aerospace NESHAP
Related Documents:
Control Techniques Guideline Document
40 CFR part 63, subpart GG
Signed by: Carol Browner, Administrator

Signature Date: 1996

Jim Szykman
Emission Standards Division, OAQPS



Regulatory Authority:
Title 3
Emission Standards Division (OAQPS)
Submitted By:
Document Type:
Proposed & Final Preambles & Rules
EPA Document Number:

Federal Register:
61 FR 66226 12/17/96
Subject Category:
Maximum Achievable Control Technology Emission Standards
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
Volatile organic compounds
Air pollutants
Clean Air Act
This zipped file contains 1 WordPerfect file (92KB) containing proposed amendments to the national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for aerospace manufacturing and rework facilities promulgated in the Federal Register on September 1, 1995 (60 FR 45948). This action proposes (1) corrections to several references in the rule; (2) revisions and additions to definitions; (3) clarification of the applicability of the cleaning operations standards; (4) clarification of the applicability of the rule to space vehicles; (5) addition of standards for Type I chemical milling maskants; (6) revision of standards for new and existing sources using dry particulate filters to control emissions from topcoat and primer application and depainting operations; (7) addition of a test method for determining the filtration efficiency of dry particulate filters; (8) addition of an exemption for certain water-reducible coatings; (9) addition of an essential use exemption for cleaning solvents; (10) clarification of compliance dates; (11) clarification of the applicability of new source MACT to spray booth standards; (12) clarification of the requirements for new and existing primer and topcoat application operations; (13) clarification of monitoring requirements for dry particulate filter usage; (14) addition of appendix A to this subpart containing definitions for specialty coatings; and (15) addition of a cross reference to requirements in the General Provisions in subpart A of part 63. In addition, this notice announces the availability of a draft CTG document for control of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from aerospace manufacturing and rework facilities for public review and comment. This document has been prepared to assist States in analyzing and determining reasonably available control technology (RACT) for stationary sources of VOC emissions located within ozone national ambient air quality standard nonattainment areas. The draft document recommends RACT for industries included in, but not limited to, nine Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes: SIC 3720, Aircraft and Parts; SIC 3721, Aircraft; SIC 3724, Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts; SIC 3728, Aircraft Parts and Equipment; SIC 3760, Guided Missiles, Space Vehicles, and Parts; SIC 3761, Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles; SIC 3764, Space Propulsion Units and Parts; SIC 3769, Space Vehicle Equipment; and SIC 4581, Airports, Flying Fields, and Services.

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