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Technical Support Document: Chemical Recovery Combustion Sources at Sulfite Pulp Mills
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Jeffery Telander (919) 541-5427 telander.jeff@epamail.epa.gov



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Title 3
Emission Standards Division (OAQPS)
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Background Information Documents
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Hazardous air pollutants
Maximum Achievable Control Technology Emission Standards
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
Particulate matter
Pulp and paper industry
Air pollutants
Clean Air Act
The technical support document (TSD) presents the technical information and analyses used in the development of national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for combustion processes in the chemical recovery area of sulfite pulp mills. The TSD is organized into six chapters. Chapter 1 describes the scope and organization of the TSD. Chapter 2 describes the U.S. population of sulfite pulp mills. Chapter 3 provides a brief process description for the chemical recovery processes used at sulfite pulp mills. Chapter 4 describes the types of chemical recovery combustion sources and process/air pollution control equipment used at sulfite pulp mills. Chapter 5 presents information on which sulfite mills have pulp mill source emission controls integrated with chemical recovery equipment. Chapter 6 presents hazardous air pollutant, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide emission data for chemical recovery combustion sources at sulfite pulp mills. Appendix A of the TSD presen ts mill-specific information on chemical recovery combustion equipment, chemical recovery process/air pollution control equipment, and chemical recovery process description for each magnesium-based sulfite pulp mill, including schematics of the chemical recovery process at each mill. Appendix B of the TSD presents similar mill-specific information for each ammonia-based sulfite pulp mill.

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