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Document Title/Subject:
Interim Title V Program Approvals
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Signed by: John Seitz

Signature Date: August 2, 1993

Kirt Cox Information Transfer and Program Integration Division (OAQPS)



Regulatory Authority:
Title 5
Information Transfer and Program Integration Division (OAQPS)
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Document Type:
Policy & Guidance Memos
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Federal Register:
Subject Category:
Environmental Protection Agency
Operating Permits
Air pollutants
Clean Air Act
This memo explains EPA's criteria for granting interim Title V program approvals. Interim approval is discretionary and will be granted only where such is found to be in the best interests of the Title V permitting program. It can be granted only to programs that "substantially" meet the requirements of Title V.
Attachment 1 provides EPA guidance on what this means, including the 11 core program elements (e.g., permit fees, the ability to implement applicable requirements, and public and EPA participation).
Attachment 2 addresses the criteria for implementing approval of source category-limited interim programs. The guidance presumes that the interim program will address 60% of all Part 70 sources and that those sources should be responsible for 80% of the emissions from the population of permitted sources. In addition, the PA seeking approval of a source category-limited programs must demonstrate in detail how it will develop a fully-approvable program, including milestones and a comprehensive transition schedule for the issuance of all permits.
EPA's policy is to refuse interim approval to any program providing for initial issuance of permits beyond the statutorily-mandated 3 years unless the initial permits will have been issued to all part 70 sources by 11/15/99.
Partial program approvals are for programs that apply to all Part 70 sources within a limited geographic area (e.g., a local agency program covering all sources within the agency's jurisdiction). Partial program approval stays the imposition of sanctions for the geographic area within the jurisdiction with the approved partial program, but does not stay the imposition of sanctions throughout the remainder of the State.

Refers to: (1) Criteria and Process for Granting Interim Approvals of State and Local Permitting Programs and (2) Criteria and Process for Source Category-Limited Interim Approvals (both attached)

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