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State/Local/Tribal Program Structure

This page contains information about EPA's efforts to work with our regulatory partners to structure a risk-based air toxics program integrated between EPA and State, local, and tribal (S/L/T) agencies. Although EPA will continue to develop national efforts to address the remaining air toxics risk, in many cases these risks can be more appropriately addressed at the S/L/T level, rather than the Federal level. The table below contains more information regarding the efforts underway.

In February 2000, EPA created the Integrated Air Toxics State/Local/Tribal Program Structure Workgroup to obtain advice on how to structure a program encompassing Federal, State, local, and tribal authorities. This workgroup was created under the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, which EPA chartered in 1990 through the Federal Advisory Committee Act (referred to as "FACA" subcommittee workgroup). Below is the group's final report which was released September 2000 and included recommendations for developing such a program, as well as, critical issues which would need to be addressed in developing the program.

In September 2001, EPA issued the Workplan for the National Air Toxics Program and Integrated Air Toxics State/Local/Tribal Program Structure which provides an overview of the activities EPA has recommended or is planning to address during the technology and risk-based phases of the national program.

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07/25/02 One Page Overview on Integration of Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Air Toxics Programs
10/24/01 Final Workplan for S/L/T Program Structure
9/19/00 Final FACA Subcommittee Workgroup Report  
9/19/00 Appendices for Final FACA Subcommittee Workgroup Report  

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