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State and Local Monitoring Plans

This page contains the Network Monitoring Plans and Five-Year Network Assessments for the State and local air pollution control agencies.

See past monitoring plans at 2009-2010 State and Local Monitoring Plans

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

  State/Agency   Network Plans due July 1, 2012 2010 5-year Network Assessments
Alabama AL Plan (PDF) (58pp, 2.4 MB)  
Alaska AK Plan (PDF) (98pp, 3.8 MB)  
Arizona AZ DEQ Plan (PDF) (183pp, 7.6 MB)
Maricopa Co Plan (PDF) (109pp, 8.4 MB)
Pima Co Plan (PDF) (106pp, 2.8 MB)
Pinal Co Plan (PDF) (97pp, 2.7 MB)
Pima Co Assessment (PDF) (100pp, 5.6 MB)
Pinal Co Assessment (PDF) (38pp, 1.6 MB)
Arkansas   AR Assessment (PDF) (3.9 MB)
California Bay Area Plan (PDF) (125pp, 3.4 MB)
CARB Plan (PDF) (208pp, 1.1 MB)
Great Basin Plan (PDF) (34pp, 6.0 MB)
Imperial Plan (PDF) (45pp, 838 kb)
Monterey Bay Plan (PDF) (22pp, 493 kb)
North Coast Plan (PDF) (26pp, 1.5 MB)
Sacramento Plan (PDF) (71pp, 1.8 MB)
Santa Barbara Plan (PDF) (35pp, 477 kb)
San Diego Plan (PDF) (153pp, 8.3 MB)
San Diego Plan Appendices (PDF) (95pp, 9.0 MB)
San Luis Obispo Plan (PDF) (27pp, 670 kb)
South Coast Plan (PDF) (25pp, 409 kb)
Ventura County Plan (PDF) (61pp, 1.1 MB)
CA Assessment (PDF) (3.1 MB)
Bay Area Assessment (PDF) (3.1 MB)
CARB Assessment (PDF) (6.3 MB)
Imperial Plan and Assessment (PDF) (4.0 MB)
Monterey Bay Assessment (PDF) (3.5 MB)
North Coast Plan and Assessment (PDF) (7.7 MB)
Santa Barbara Assessment (PDF) (462 kb)
South Coast Assessment (PDF) (4.1 MB)
San Joaquin Valley Assessment (PDF) (10.9 MB)
San Luis Obispo Assessment (PDF) (5.9 MB)
Ventura County Assessment (PDF) (8.2 MB)
Colorado   CO Assessment (PDF) (173pp, 9.0 MB)
Connecticut CT Plan (PDF) (82pp, 7.1 MB) CT Assessment (PDF) (69pp, 8.3 MB)
District of Columbia DC Plan (PDF) (31pp, 1.3 MB) DC Assessment (PDF) (62pp, 1.3 MB)
Delaware DE Plan (PDF) (15pp, 1.0 MB) DE Assessment (PDF) (62pp, 1.3 MB)
Florida FL Plan (PDF) (44pp, 1.5 MB)  
Georgia GA Plan (PDF) (165pp, 16.8 MB)  
Hawaii HI Plan (PDF) (54pp, 6.5 MB) HI Assessment (PDF) (50pp, 29.3 MB)
Idaho   ID Assessment (PDF) (179pp, 43.6 MB)
Illinois IL Plan (PDF) (21pp, 3.6 MB) Region 5 Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.5 MB)
Indiana IN Plan (PDF) (84pp, 8.7 MB) Region 5 Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.5 MB)
Kentucky KY Plan (PDF) (140pp, 23.1 MB)  
Louisiana   LA Assessment (PDF) (606 kb)
LA Assessment Appendix B (PDF) (577 kb)
Maine ME Plan (PDF) (49pp, 5.5 MB) ME Assessment (PDF) (52pp, 2.4 MB)
Maryland MD Plan (PDF) (49pp, 3.8 MB) MD Assessment (PDF) (97pp, 2.6 MB)
Massachusetts MA Plan (PDF) (16pp, 524k) MA Assessment (PDF) (96pp, 3.9 MB)
Michigan MI Plan (PDF) (110pp, 3.4 MB) Region 5 Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.5 MB)
Minnesota MN Plan (PDF) (112pp, 24.9 MB) Region 5 Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.5 MB)
Mississippi MS Plan (PDF) (53pp, 9.7 MB) 2010 MS Plan and Assessment (PDF) (68pp, 4.3 MB)
Nevada NV Plan (PDF) (35pp, 2.4 MB)
Washoe County Plan (PDF) (42pp, 2.5 MB)
Clark County Plan (PDF) (69pp, 12.9 MB)
Clark Co Assessment (PDF) (96pp, 16.0 MB)
New Hampshire NH Plan (PDF) (23pp, 155k)
NH Plan Part 2 (PDF) (16pp, 2.1 MB)
2010 NH Plan and Assessment (PDF) (80pp, 10.2 MB)
New Jersey    
New Mexico


NM Assessment (PDF) (569 kb)
Albuquerque Assessment (PDF) (1.0 MB)
New York NY Plan (PDF) (224pp, 3.6 MB)  
North Carolina Network Descriptions (PDF) (186pp, 14.1 MB)
Response to Comments (PDF) (10pp, 867k)
Asheville Region (PDF) (80pp, 7.9 MB)
Fayetteville Region (PDF) (39pp, 3.6 MB)
Forsyth County (PDF) (40pp, 2.6 MB)
Mecklenburg County (PDF) (54pp, 5.0 MB)
Mooresville Region (PDF) (62pp, 5.5 MB)
Raleigh Region (PDF) (70pp, 6.6 MB)
Washington Region (PDF) (37pp, 3.5 MB)
Wilmington Region (PDF) (29pp, 2.7 MB)
Winston Salem Region (PDF) (60pp, 5.4 MB)
North Dakota    
Ohio OH Plan (PDF) (19pp, 87k) Region 5 Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.5 MB)
Oklahoma   OK Assessment (PDF) (814 kb)
Oregon   OR Assessment (PDF) (264 pp, 10.3 MB)
Pennsylvania PA Plan (PDF) (90pp, 7.9 MB)
Allegheny County Plan (PDF)
(82pp, 5.1 MB)
City of Philadelphia (PDF) (177pp, 12.5 MB)
Allegheny County Assessment (PDF) (116 pp, 12.8 MB)
Philadelphia Assessment (PDF) (32 pp, 1.4 MB)
PA Assessment (PDF) (249pp, 18.5 MB)
Puerto Rico PR Plan (PDF) (48pp, 650k)  
Rhode Island RI Plan (PDF) (41pp, 520k) 2010 RI Plan and Assessment (PDF) (46 pp, 743 kb)
South Carolina   2010 SC Plan and Assessment (PDF) (76 pp, 1.2 MB)
South Dakota   SD Assessment (PDF) (83pp, 804k)
Tennessee TN Plan (PDF) (103pp, 2.5 MB)  
Texas   TX Assessment (PDF) (442 kb)
TX Assessment Appendix B (PDF) (5.8 MB)
TX Assessment Appendix C (PDF) (1.4 MB)
Vermont VT Plan (PDF) (39pp, 3.1 MB)  
Virginia VA Plan (PDF) (28pp, 1.8 MBk) VA Assessment (PDF) (57pp, 10.4 MB)
Virgin Islands VI Plan (PDF) (6pp, 504k)  
Washington   WA Assessment (PDF) (87 pp, 2.9 kb)
West Virginia WV Plan (PDF) (16pp, 229k) WV Assessment (PDF) (108pp, 9.0 MB)
Wisconsin WI Plan (PDF) (139pp, 6.3 MB)  

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