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2005 National Emissions Inventory Data & Documentation

Explanation of File Formats
General Inventory Information
EPA developed the 2005 NEI v2 based on a reduced level of effort. Part of this reduced effort involved using some NEI 2002 v3 data in the NEI 2005 v2 as surrogates for emissions data representing 2005. Listed below is specific information on this issue for each data category in the 2005 NEI v2.

Point Sources
  • Mixture of 2002 and 2005 emissions. 2005 emissions from the following data sources
    • 2005 EGU emissions/heat input from EPA's Acid Rain Program
    • HAP data received from States and industry to support the MACT program, including the recent Risk and Technology Review rulemaking
    • 2005 State, local, and tribal data submitted to EPA under the CERR
    • HAP data from Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) for missing facilities and pollutants
    • Off-shore platform data from Mineral Management Services (MMS)
  • The Start Date/End Date fields in the ALLNEIHAP and ALLNEICAP files document which data are 2005 emissions and which data are 2002 emissions.

  • Nonpoint Sources
  • 2002 emission estimates used for all nonpoint sourves except wildfires and prescribed burning
  • 2002 VOC emissions from fireploaces were revised based on a new emission factor.

  • Onroad Mobile Sources
  • All emissions estimates based on 2005 vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and a 2005 run of the National Mobile Inventory Model (NMIM)

  • Nonroad Mobile Sources
  • All emission estimates based on 2005 run of the National Mobile Inventory Model (NMIM)
  • Prior to using the 2005 NEI for analyses, users should consider whether the use of 2002 data as a surrogate for the selected sources documented above materially affects their analysis. For example, analyses that require actual 2005 data for every source in the inventory would be limited since some sectors include 2002 emissions. Likewise, micro-level analyses focusing on specific sectors using a mixture of years would be similarly affected.

    EPA evaluates inventories, as part of a “modeling platform,” for use in regulation development or Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA). The technique used is called model performance evaluation. These evaluations are intended to demonstrate that an air quality modeling platform has sufficient predictive capability by comparing the air quality modeling results to ambient data. The modeling platforms include not only the emission inventory data, but also the air quality model, meteorology simulations, initial conditions, boundary conditions, emissions processing assumptions for spatial and temporal allocation and other parameters needed for such simulations. These model performance evaluations are described in technical support documents (TSDs) created by EPA in support of regulatory actions and are referenced in preamble text and RIA documents. EPA use of the 2005 NEI v2 is limited to those cases where model performance is not adversely affected by the use of surrogate data based on pre-determined benchmarks.

    Inventory Documentation
    NEI Point 2005 Documentation Updated April 6, 2010
    Chromium Speciation
    EIS Code Look up tables Updated October 6, 2008
    NEI2005 Look up tables other than those included in EIS Code Look up Tables Updated April 4, 2009
    Mercury Speciation (ZIP 30K) Updated December 19, 2006. Profiles were updated for 2002 NEI source categories including new data for mobile sources.
    Toxicity weighting factors (MDB 290K) Updated January 10, 2007.
    2005 Mobile NEI Version 2 Report
    Commerical Marine Vessels 2002 and 2005
    Overview of 2005 Version Mobile
    Inventory Data
    Tier Summaries
    Tiersummaries contain only criteria pollutants. The 42 category summaries contains both criteria and HAPS. Both the tier summaries and the 42 category summaries contains data from all data categories (point, nonpoint and mobile).
    42 Category Summaries

    Mobile Sector Data
    2005 NEI Version 2 SCC Summaries - SCC and pollutant descriptions are provided in the NEI Code Tables below.
    NMIM County Database (NCD) for 2005 V2
    If you have any questions, please contact Laurel Driveror(919) 541-2859

    Biogenic Sector Data
    Biogenic Sector Data- Updated May 2010.
    Point Sector Data
    Version 2 of the 2005 NEI - The following zipped Access summary files were created in January 2009 and contain annual emissions in tons per year. If you have qny questions question, please contact Roy Huntley or (919) 541-1060.

    Point Facility Summary - For both CAPs and HAPs
    SCC Summary - For both CAPs and HAPs at county, state and national level.
    NAICS Summary - For both CAPs and HAPs
    ALLNEI HAP Annual 01233008 - Point stack summary data for HAPs only
    ALLNEICAP Annual 113020078 - Point stack summary data for CAPs only
    Lead Summaries - State facility and process level table for Stationary Sources of lead emissions

    Nonpoint Sector Data
    Version 2 of the 2005NEI - The following zipped Access summary files were created in January 2009 and contain annual emissions in tons per year. Only wildfires, prescribed burn and residential wood were updated from the 2005 Version1. If you have any questions, please contact Roy Huntley or (919) 541-1060.
    SCC Summary - For Both CAPS and HAPS at county, state and national level.

    National Emissions Inventory Input Format
    NEI Code Tables

    Posted Updates to Data


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