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Control Strategy Tool

The Control Strategy Tool (CoST) is a client-server system and is part of EPA's Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF). The purpose of CoST is to model the emission reductions and engineering costs associated with control strategies applied to point, area, and mobile sources of air pollutant emissions to support the analyses of air pollution policies and regulations. CoST accomplishes this by matching control measures to emission sources using algorithms such as "maximum emissions reduction", "least cost", and "apply measures in series". Control strategy results can be exported to CSV files or viewed in a graphical table that supports sorting, filtering, and plotting. The results can also be merged with the original inventory to create controlled emissions inventories that can be exported to files that can be input to the emissions model SMOKE.

The Control Strategy Tool was developed as a replacement for the AirControlNET (ACN) software tool. It was determined in 2006 that it was an appropriate time to replace the ACN software with newer software that could provide improved effectiveness, functionality, and transparency to support current and upcoming needs. A prototype version of the Control Strategy Tool was developed in 2006 and a fully functional version was developed in 2008. The tool has the functionality of AirControlNET but with added capabilities, including:

  • the ability to insert emissions inventories almost seamlessly from the Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • the ability to insert new control measure data
  • easier for users to track their analyses and output
  • Quality assurance (QA) steps provided for identifying errors in emissions and control measure data
  • extensive set of mobile source control measures and functionality to apply control measures by month, seasonally, or annually.

Information on control efficiencies and costs is contained in the Control Measure Database (CMDB). This database currently focuses on criteria pollutants.

The Control Strategy Tool is not yet accessible outside of EPA. Documentation for the tool is included on this web site (below). Contact David Misenheimer at 919-541-5473 or at misenheimer.david@epa.gov for more information.

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Tool Documentation and Data
CoST Overview - Text
CoST Overview - Slides
CoST Development Document
CoST Cost Equations Document
CoST CMDB Document
CoST Glossary
CMDB (Control Measures Database) for Stationary Sources - CSV
CMDB (Control Measures Database) for Nonroad Sources - CSV
CoST Response to Peer Review Comments
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