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Economic Analysis Models/Tools

The Air Benefit and Cost Group (ABCG) develops models and tools for estimating the costs and economic impacts of air pollution regulations. This also includes obtaining or developing the necessary model parameters such as supply and demand elasticities. Provided below are the economic analysis models and tools maintained by ABCG. Click on the model/tool of interest and you will be taken to a separate page where a detailed description and downloadable files can be found.


File Description

Elasticity Databank – in the absence of an encyclopedic ‘Book of Elasticities’ this PC-based tool provides a searchable database of elasticity parameters across a variety of types (i.e., demand and supply elasticities, substitution elasticities, income elasticities, and trade elasticities) and economic sectors/product markets. A submittal form allows you to provide elasticity estimates for consideration as part of this databank
FAST – a PC-based tool to conduct screening-level analysis of small entity impacts as well as broad market impacts for consideration during the early stages of regulatory development.
EMPAX-CGE – a regional computable general equilibrium (CGE) model designed to estimate macroeconomic impacts of environmental regulations on the U.S. economy. Both static and dynamic versions of EMPAX-CGE have been developed for policy analysis.
Peer Review of Multimarket Model

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