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SMM Web Academy: 2010 Calendar

This is an archive of the 2010 SMM Web Academy (formerly RCC Web Academy) series. Learn about key issues, successful projects, and a variety of best management practices for creating stellar waste management programs. Hear from experts around the country on what works and what doesn't, and how to make your program more successful.

2010 Program Calendar
Date Topics Speaker(s)
February 18, 2010


Recycling Markets 2010 Jerry Powell, Editor and Publisher of Resource Recycling, Inc.
April 15, 2010


Rural Recycling - Bridging the Gaps English Bird, New Mexico Recycling Coalition
Justin Stockdale, New Mexico Recycling Coalition
May 20, 2010


Social Marketing - Building a Toolkit to Motivate Environmental Action Wesley Schultz, Professor of Psychology, California State University, San Marcos
Karen Vickers, Program Coordinator, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Office of Environmental Management
Lena Davie, Vice President, Hill & Knowlton, Inc.
Kelley Dennings, North Carolina State University, Bachelor of Science and Natural Resources
June 17, 2010


Multi-Unit Residential Recycling Programs Samantha MacBride, Deputy Director for Recycling, NYC Department of Sanitation
Leigh Peters, Urban Management and Brownfields Redevelopment, City of Chicago Department of Environment
Kendra Pyle, Residential Recycling Coordinator, Recycle Ann Arbor
July 15, 2010


Recycling & Market Development of Unique Materials Elizabeth A. Bedard, Director, Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers “Rigid Plastics Recycling Program”
Chuck Brickman, Owner, Ohio Mattress Recovery and Recycling
Connie S. Oppedal, CEO, Gateway to Special Abilities, LLC
September 16, 2010


Greening University Campuses Ron Vance, Program Analyst, USEPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
Jessica Young, Environmental Scientist, USEPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
Thomas Goldsmith, Director, Energy & Environmental Conservation, St. John's University, New York
November 18, 2010 Food Waste/Organics Reduction and Recycling Kim Brunson, Publix Supermarkets
Tom Raymond, Hormel Corporation
Andrew Shakman, LeanPath Inc.

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