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Celebrate the Earth

On Earth Day—April 22—show your commitment to a clean environment by volunteering for a cleanup effort in your community or initiating a cleanup effort in your school, on your street, along roadsides, vacant lots, or other local areas. Remind your friends not to litter.

Organize a recycling drive in your neighborhood or school. Collect bottles, glass, plastic, and newspapers and take them to your local recycling center.

Share the ride and the road. When going to work or school, try carpooling, biking, walking, or riding public transportation to reduce pollution.

Check with local repair shops to see if they can use your old appliances for spare parts.

Earth Day is also a good time to start your spring cleaning. Make sure you're properly maintaining home appliances and keeping them clean, which keeps them running at peak efficiency. This saves electricity, which conserves resources and reduces global warming. Remove lint and dust from your refrigerator coil and freezer. Clean up lint around your dryer, furnace, and any vents leading to or from them. Also, change or clean the filter in your air purifier or furnace.

For spring cleaning chores, try to use nondisposable items such as mops and reusable rags or sponges. When using household cleaning products, be sure that you only use the amount you need, and that you read and follow the manufacturer's directions for use and disposal.

For spring lawns, remember all pesticides are toxic to some degree. Try spot-treating problem areas with pesticides, rather than treating the whole yard. Plant trees, shrubs, or other greenery to help reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

For more information on Earth Day, visit www.epa.gov/earthday and act.earthday.org/.Exit EPA

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