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Resources for when you're On the Go

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Reducing Waste When You Travel: Making Environmental Choices (4pp, 240k, about PDF)

Travelers create a lot of waste, even with the best intentions. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can do a few simple things that will reduce your waste, conserve resources, and minimize the overall environmental impact of your visit.

Let's Go Green Shopping

Learn how you can conserve resources, save energy, and prevent waste when "buying green".

It's Easy Being Green: A Guide to Planning and Conducting Environmentally Aware Meetings and Events

Provides an outline for planning environmentally aware events such as meetings, workshops, festivals, picnics, and sporting events. Includes profiles of successful events that have been held, and step-by-step procedures for coordinating events using a planning checklist.

Co-op America's Green Pages OnlineTM Exit EPA

The site has a directory of green companies with goals of social and environmental responsibility.

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