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Sustainable Food Management Webinar Archive


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Please note the opinions, ideas, or data presented by non-EPA speakers in this webinar series do not represent EPA policy or constitute endorsement by EPA.

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EPA's Sustainable Food Management webinar series is designed to help increase our understanding of wasted food issues, and to support grocers, venues, universities, and the hopitality industry in EPA's Food Recovery Challenge.

This series will provide technical assistance to help Food Recovery Challenge participants make simple changes in food purchasing, storage, preparation and service practices that will:

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I. Intro to the Food Recovery Challenge

Date Topics Speaker(s)
September 29, 2011 Introduction to the Food Recovery Challenge webinar video Jean Schwab,Senior Policy Analyst, EPA

Scott Jenkins, Vice President of Ballpark Operations, SAFECO Field/Seattle Mariners

Shaun Kochivar, Albertsons/SUPERVALU

A. Grocers

Date Topics Speaker(s)
November 10, 2011 Green Chill Grocers and the Food Recovery Challenge Keilly Witman, Green Chill Program Coordinator, EPA

Laura Moreno,Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 9

Shaun Kochivar, Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Albertsons/SUPERVALU

December 15, 2011 Grocers and the Food Recovery Challenge Michael Hewitt, Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Manager, Publix Supermarkets, Inc.

Kasey Harris, Environmental Specialist, Hannaford Supermarket

Heather Schmidt, Sustainability Manager, New Seasons Markets

Christine Beling, Environmental Engineer, EPA Region 1

January 15, 2015 Food Waste Reduction Alliance, a Unique Industry Collaboration Gail Tavill, Vice President of Packaging and Sustainable Productivity, ConAgra

Jason Wadsworth, Sustainability Manager, Wegmans

B. Stadium and Venues

Date Topics Speaker(s)
November 17, 2011 Creating Winning Recycling Programs at Sporting Events Jacob Hassan, Community Recycling Coordinator, EPA Region 5

Mark Root, Strategic Account Exec with Coca-Cola Recycling

Bruce Rayner, Chief Green Officer with Athletes for a Fit Planet

Laura Moreno, Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 9

February 23, 2012 Green Sports Alliance and the Food Recovery Challenge Paul LaCaruba, Green Initiative Coordinator, National Hockey League

Alina Talbott, Assistant General Manager, Petco Park

Darryl Benge, Assistant General Manager, Century Link Field

Ashley Zanolli, Environmental Engneer, EPA Region 10

May 29, 2013 Green Sports and Venues as Environmental Stewards Syd Mandelbaum, Founder, Rock and Wrap It Up!

Joe Abernathy, Vice-President of Stadium Operations, St. Louis Cardinals

Brandon Hamilton, Director of Facilities, Kansas City Chiefs, Inc.

C. College and Universities

Date Topics Speaker(s)
January 19, 2012 Universities and the Food Recovery Challenge R. Kaye Johnston, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC)

Corey Hawkey, Sustainability Coordinator, Ohio State University

Rob Gogan, Recycling and Waste Manager, Harvard University

Laura Moreno, Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 9

D. Cities / Counties

Date Topics Speaker(s)
July 24, 2014 Cupertino CA and Cambridge MA: Tips for How Communities Can Successfully Engage Businesses to Divert Food Scraps Cheri Donnelly, Environmental Programs Manager, Cupertino Public Works Department, Cupertino, CA

Randi Mail, , Recycling Director, Cambridge, MA

E. Endorsers

Date Topics Speaker(s)
November 6, 2014 Be an Endorser!

Rachel Chaput, US EPA - Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)

Suzanne Forbes, Wakefern Food Corp.

Rocco D'Antonio, Organic Diversion, LLC

Michelle Andrews, Washington State Department of Ecology

II. Source Reduction

Date Topics Speaker(s)
June 14, 2012 Preventing Food Waste with Source Reduction: Lessons Learned and Best Management Practices Andrew Shakman, Co-Founder and President of LeanPath
August 16, 2012 Greener Packaging – Integrating Reusable Transport Packaging into Your Supply Chain Justin Lehrer, Program Manager, StopWaste.Org

Michael Vincent, Director, Supply Chain Sustainability for Safeway

Rick LeBlanc, Reusable Packaging News

November 15, 2012 Sustainable Food Management: Food: Too Good to Waste Carl Woestwin, Project Manager for the ‘One Less Truck Pilot' (every other week garbage collection).

Mandy Rose, Director of Integrated Waste Management for the County of San Benito and responsible for the county’s landfill operations oversight and regulatory compliance.

Lisa Jensema, Recycling and Resource Recovery Coordinator, and assists the Director in Program implementation for the regional Regional Agency.

Karen May, manages several education and outreach programs for the Recycling and Environmental Services section of the King County Solid Waste Division including King County’s Master Recycler Composter volunteer program and recycling collection events.

Lisa Friend, is a Sustainability Planner for Boulder County, Colorado and has been designing waste reduction outreach programs for more than 20 years. .

November 29, 2012 Behavior Change Techniques to Decrease Food Waste and Avoid Contamination
Presentations and webinar are available via FTP
Heather Vaillette, General Manager, Clark University Dining Services (Sodexho)

Denis Gagne, Executive Chef, Clark University Dining Services (Sodexho) Steve Finn, Sustainability Consultant, ResponsEcology .

Brendan Coffey, Pacific Wild Catering, Oregon Convention Center

January 10, 2013 Green Teams and the Food Recovery Challenge
Presentations and webinar are available via FTP
Christine Gallagher, Manager of Corporate Responsibility, Ahold USA

Holly Fowler, Senior Director of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, Sodexo North America

Aubrey Batchelor, Program Coordinator for the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office, University of Washington

February 28, 2013 Reducing Wasted Food at Federal Facilities Laura Moreno, Environmental Protection Agency

Barbara Hartman, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dorian Wilkins Foster, Department of Veterans Affairs

Lena Kofas, General Services Administration Guadalupe Novoa - General Services Administration

May 9, 2013 Wasted Food -- Innovative Lifecycle Approaches for Reducing Food Waste
Presentations and webinar are available via FTP
Jeffrey Kohn, Innovations Coordinator, EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Laura Moreno, Environmental Scientist, Office of Pollution Prevention and Solid Waste in EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region

Ashley Zanoli, Environmental Engineer, Office of Air, Waste and Toxics in EPA Region 10

Suganthi Simon, LEED GA Pollution Prevention Coordinator, EPA Region 4

January 15, 2015 Food Waste Reduction Alliance, a Unique Industry Collaboration Gail Tavill, Vice President of Packaging and Sustainable Productivity, ConAgra

Jason Wadsworth, Sustainability Manager, Wegmans

March 19, 2015 Reducing Wasted Food: How Packaging Can Help Todd Bukowski, Senior Packaging Consultant at HAVI Global Solutions

Dr. Ronald Cotterman, Vice President, Sustainability at Sealed Air Corporation

III. Feed Hungry People

Date Topics Speaker(s)
April 19, 2012 Food Donation: A "How-To" for Food Retailers and the Food Service Industry Bob Morris, Retail Donation Manager for Feeding America

Syd Mandelbaum, CEO and Founder of Rock and Wrap It Up!

Jim Larson, Program Development Director for Food Donation Connection

IV. Industrial Uses Including Anaerobic Digestion

Date Topics Speaker(s)
October 11, 2012 Food Waste to Energy through Anaerobic Digestion Laura Moreno, Environmental Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Southwest Region

Gregory Kleinheinz, Professor of Environmental and Industrial Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Jack Macy, Commercial Zero Waste Coordinator, City and County of San Francisco's Department of the Environment

Dave Henderson, Utility Director, City of West Lafayette, Indiana

November 18, 2014 Managing Wasted Food with Anaerobic Digestion: Incentives and Innovations

David Babson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Caitlin Sparks, The Prasino Group

Mel Kurtz, Quasar Energy

Brandon Julian, Pure Energy Group

V. Composting

Date Topics Speaker(s)
June 20, 2013 Model Composting Regulations U.S. Composting Council (USCC)

Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Ohio EPA

Dec 5, 2013 Composting Strategies for Colleges and Universities Webinar Peter Moon, Founder and President of O2Compost

Arthur Kney, PhD, Associate Professor and Department Head for Civil and Environmental Engineering of Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Mark Hutchinson, Extension Professor of University of Maine, Orono, ME

January 16, 2014 Building Collection Infrastructure for Composting: Success in the greater Worcester, Massachusetts Area Sean Pontani, Green Business Support Manager, Center for EcoTechnology (CET), Northampton, MA

Sandy Giancola, Preventive Maintenance Manager, Big Y Foods, Inc. Springfield, MA

Paul Degnan, Materials Marketing & Sourcing Manager for E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. Westboro, MA

April 3, 2014 Compost from Food Waste: Understanding Soil Chemistry and Soil Biology on a College/University Campus Rachel Chaput, US EPA - Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)

Gregg Twehues, Co-founder of Compostwerks! LLC

Peter Moon, President and principal engineer of O2 Compost

Tom Goldsmith, Staff director for energy and environmental conservation at St. John’s University

VI. Tools

Date Topics Speaker(s)
Jan 29, 2015 Milestone 1: Preparing for a Wasted Food Assessment and Establishing a Baseline Andrew Shakman, LeanPath

Amanda Hong, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

March 26, 2015 Milestone 2: Data Analysis, and Creating and Implementing Waste Reduction Strategies; & Milestone 3: Tracking Progress

Cat Sullivan, Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Ray Dennis and Chef Dana Massimiani, Loyola Marymount University (LMU)

Ismail Samad, Executive Chef of Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store, and the Gleanery restaurant

Amanda Hong, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

April 23, 2015 Milestone 4: Measuring Impact

David Klein and Chris Henson, Costco Wholesale, Columbus OH

Amanda Hong, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Andre Villasenor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Bobby Renz, ICF International


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