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SMM Web Academy Webinar Series:

Building Collection Infrastructure for Composting:
Success in the Greater Worcester, Massachusetts Area


In this session, we will learn about EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) and success stories from our partners.

The webinar will feature the project team that initiated the collection infrastructure to bring commercial hauling of source separated organics to a composting facility in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. The city has a population of 181,045 and is home to 10 colleges and universities and a major medical center and teaching hospital. The team worked together to address the need for source separated organics hauling and E.L Harvey now provides that service to Big Y's Worcester area stores as well as other local businesses and institutions.

Video: Building Collection Infrastructure for Composting: Success in the Worcester, Massachussets area Exit EPA you tube logo


Sean Pontani, Green Business Support Manager, Center for EcoTechnology (CET), Northampton, MA
Sean assists businesses across Massachusetts in improving their environmental performance by integrating recycling, composting and energy efficiency upgrades. He has helped to create new compost routes for Big Y in the Greater Worcester area as well as in the Hartford, CT area.

Building Collection Infrastructure for Composting: CETís Role (PDF) (13 pp, 1.3 MB)

Sandy Giancola, Preventive Maintenance Manager, Big Y Foods, Inc. Springfield, MA
Sandy has been with Big Y Foods, Inc for 25 years. She is responsible for all of the Preventive Maintenance Programs for the company as well as overseeing the Recycling Programs. Sandy has played a key role in developing and implementing the composting and recycling programs for the company. The company has been composting since the 1990's and is currently diverting organics in 29 of their Massachusetts locations.

The Generator (PDF) (14 pp, 540 KB)

Paul Degnan, Materials Marketing & Sourcing Manager for E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. Westboro, MA
Paul is a leading expert in materials recycling and has operations experience as Production Manager of E. L. Harvey & Sons' waste and recycling facility in Westborough, MA. His responsibility is to minimize costs associated with waste disposal and comply with the expanding MA-DEP regulations concerning waste handling in Massachusetts. Paul currently develops programs to recycle and reuse many different materials from the companyís recycling plants. He also works with businesses and municipalities to minimize waste and focus on materials management.

Building Organics Collection - The Hauler Perspective (PDF) (18 pp, 2.2 MB)


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