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Product Reminder List

Use this list to help you identify and purchase biobased or recycled-content products for landscaping construction or maintenance projects.


Landscaping Products

___ Compost from yard trimmings or food waste
___ Garden and soaker hoses
___ Hydraulic mulch
___ Lawn and garden edging
___ Organic fertilizers
___ Plastic lumber landscaping timbers/posts

Parks and Recreation Products

___ Park benches and picnic tables
___ Bike paths
___ Bike racks
___ Plastic fencing
___ Playground equipment
___ Playground surfaces
___ Running tracks

Transportation Products

___ Channelizers (e.g., barrels, drums)
___ Delineators (including flexible)
___ Jersey barriers
___ Parking stops
___ Sound barricades
___ Traffic barricades
___ Traffic cones

Construction Products

___ Building insulation products
___ Carpet
___ Carpet cushion
___ Cement and concrete containing:
      - Coal fly ash
      - Ground granulated blast furnace slag
___ Consolidated and reprocessed latex paint
___ Deck posts or bollards
___ Floor tiles
___ Flowable fill
___ Laminated paperboard
___ Manufactured lumber
___ Patio blocks
___ Shower and restroom dividers/partitions
___ Structural fiberboard

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