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links in a chain Below is a list of additional sites containing information on PAYT and other municipal solid waste management issues. The links have been arranged into the following categories:

State PAYT Programs Exit EPA

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EPA's MSW Information

Climate Change and Waste
This site provides information on innovative waste management activities across the country that help mitigate climate change. It also provides tools and publications that help practitioners calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from their waste management activities.

Composting is the biological decomposition of organic materials, such as paper, food scraps, yard trimmings, and wood, into a rich soil-like product. This site provides information on composting publications, innovative uses of compost, community composting strategies, and case studies.

MSW Characterization Report
This site contains the Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 2005 Facts and Figures, which describes the national waste stream based on data collected from 1960 to 2005.

MSW Landfills
This site lists EPA publications covering a range of landfill issues.

MSW Management
On this site, you will find a comprehensive collection of information on all aspects of MSW management, including prevention, recycling, and disposal. The site also links to the Web sites of major EPA MSW programs, such as WasteWise.

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EPA's Programs for Business and Government

Buy Recycled (Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines, CPG)
This site provides the latest information on EPA guidelines for procuring recycled-content products. It contains the latest CPG developments, upcoming events, and information on designated products.

Extended Product Responsibility (EPR)
EPR is a principle that challenges product suppliers, designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers, recyclers, and disposers to share responsibility for the lifecycle impacts of the entire product system. This site describes national and international developments in EPR and provides links to related EPA programs and other resources for more information.

Full Cost Accounting (FCA)
FCA is an accounting practice that can help local governments identify, assess, and manage the actual costs of MSW programs. This site contains publications, contacts and links, and questions and answers on FCA.

Recycling Measurement
This site helps state and local government officials learn more about a voluntary, standard methodology for measuring recycling rates. Available documents describe how to develop a measurement program, including worksheets, sample survey forms, community examples, and other useful tools.

Waste Management in Indian Country
This site describes MSW regulations, new developments, upcoming conferences, and successful tribal waste management programs. In addition, the site provides tribal-focused funding guides, technical documents, and educational materials on MSW management.

WasteWise is a free, voluntary program through which organizations reduce MSW, benefiting their bottom line and the environment. In addition to general information about the program, this site includes stories of partners making a difference, effective waste reduction strategies, and the latest WasteWise publications.

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