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PAYT Video Clip Transcripts

What Pay-As-You-Throw Does Clip (9 seconds):

Scene: Woman walking out onto porch (followed by dog that runs out into the yard) with empty milk cartons. She walks down the steps and places the cartons in a recycling bin.

(Narrator): What Pay-As-You-Throw does is help all of us see that garbage, just like any service, has a cost. And in many communities, that cost is on the rise.


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Pay-As-You-Throw Explained (44 seconds):

Scene: A group of local officials gathered around a map and having a discussion. Scene fades into the Pay-As-You-Throw logo.

(Narrator): Many communities are turning to an innovative concept called "unit-based pricing," or Pay-As-You-Throw.

(Man on city street): Pay-As-You-Throw? No.

(Second man on city street): No. Never heard of it.

(Woman with daughter on city street): Hmmm, no.

(Third man on city street): You gotta give me some clues here. I've heard of the program, but I'm not sure where it fits in here.

Scene: Woman walking to curb with a bag of trash. After setting the bag down, she puts a sticker on it.

(Narrator): As the name implies, residents living in communities with a Pay-As-You-Throw program pay for garbage services based on the amount of trash that they throw away.

Scene: Woman sitting in a chair outside (trees in background).

(Teresa Martin, City Official, Readington Township, N. J.): If you put out one bag, you pay for that one bag. If I put out two bags, I pay for my two bags. And that's a more realistic way that society purchases its services. How do you buy stamps?

Scene switches to a closeup of a gas-burning stove.

Martin: How do you buy gas?

Scene switches to closeup of an electric meter.

Martin: How do you buy electric?

Scene switches to running water coming from a sink tap.

Martin: How do you buy water?

Scene switches to a garbage truck as it is dumping trash into its compactor.

Martin: How do you buy garbage—you buy it the same way.


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