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Green Servicizing Workshop – The Servicizing Shift: The Practice and Potential of the Product-to-Service Transition

Green Servicizing Workshop

Workshop: The Servicizing Shift
Date: June 23-24, 2011
Agenda with Presentations

Interested in green servicizing? Email green_servicizing@sra.com, with “GS Interest” in the subject line.

In June 2011, EPA convened thought leaders from the business community, government, NGOs, academia, and international community to discuss advancing innovative business models that blend products and services in ways that provide economic and environmental benefits over traditional product-based business approaches. These innovative models are important for achieving a sustainable economy.

This dialogue was the first of its kind to bring together businesses that are largely unknown to one another, but operate under a common framework (i.e., a value proposition that is less reliant on products and more focused on a service offering for meeting their needs). Participants shared how these approaches are being applied in businesses involving energy, chemicals, waste, cars, and even bicycles, thus revealing common frameworks in successful green servicizing. Discussions ranged from the global interest in these innovative business models to challenges that are impeding wider use of these models in the US.

Please visit the agenda page to view presentations from the workshop.

To learn more about green servicizing, please visit EPA’s Product-Service Systems and Servicizing web page.

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