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Chapter 2.2: Recycling

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Subjects and Skills Index (PDF) (1 pg, 107K)

Teacher Fact Sheet: Recycling (PDF) (6 pp, 139K)

Teacher Fact Sheet: Buying Recycled (PDF) (4 pp, 109K)

Recycling Rangers (Grades K-2) (PDF) (2 pp, 119K)

Follow That Bottle! (Grades K-2) (PDF) (3 pp, 374K)

Take-Home Recycling Kit (Grades 2-3) (PDF) (3 pp, 315K)

Making Glass from Scratch (Grades 2-3) (PDF) (2 pp, 123K)

Handmade Recycled Paper Planters (Grades 2-6) (PDF) (2 pp, 144K)

Recycling...Sorting It All Out (Grades 3-6) (PDF) (4 pp, 172K)

Designing the Ultimate Can Crusher (Grades 4-6) (PDF) (2 pp, 143K)

Learn to Recycle (Grades 7-8) (PDF) (3 pp, 153K)

Recycling Includes e-Cycling (Grades 4-8) (PDF) (3 pp, 154K)

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