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Glossary of Skills

Note: This resource uses the following definitions for the skills indicated in each activity.

Communication—writing or verbally expressing coherent and creative thoughts and opinions; interacting with other students to accomplish a common goal.

Computation—adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or grouping numbers; recognizing and describing numerical patterns or symmetry; developing skills of estimation and judgment; using variables or equations to express relationships; developing charts, graphs, or tables to represent numerical data; giving directions or explaining ideas or concepts to others.

Motor Skills—hands-on activities such as cutting, pasting, coloring, or drawing; physical activities such as running, or, throwing and handling objects.

Observation/Classification—identifying certain physical properties or abstract qualities of objects or concepts; understanding objects or concepts according to physical or abstract similarities or differences.

Problem Solving—using prior knowledge to construct or anticipate meaning; generating and answering who, what, when, where, why questions; using data, tools, or resources to obtain information; interpreting data to explain outcomes or to predict outcomes.

Reading—reading or listening to a story, essay, dissertation, or speech; being able to comprehend, remember, and respond to questions; and following directions.

Research—using outside sources to obtain data; recording accurate data.

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