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Unit 3: Putting it All Together

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A Review of Lessons and Options

Once students understand the range of available solid waste management options—including their different purposes, benefits, and impacts—they are ready for a series of activities that utilize and reinforce their accumulated knowledge. This unit allows students to integrate the key lessons learned from previous sections and exercise decision-making and analytical skills while having fun.

Subjects and Skills Index (PDF) (1 pg, 83K)

Waste Race (Grades 2-3) (PDF) (2 pp, 119K)

Join the Planet Protectors Club! (Grades 3-6) (PDF) (5 pp, 436K)

Trash Town (Grades 4-6) (PDF) (4 pp, 201K)

Locker Leftovers (Grades 7-8) (PDF) (2 pp, 129K)

Memorable Media Messages (Grades 6-8) (PDF) (3 pp, 153K)

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