Your Environment. Your Choice.
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Think about all things you do each day. You make hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices. Many of these choices affect YOU; others may affect your family and your friends.

You may not think so now but many of these choices—even the smallest ones--have an impact on the environment as well. What about that bottle you tossed away? The computer that you recently replaced with a newer, faster model?

We want you to THINK before you toss that can away. RECYCLE it! The computer...give it to someone who can REUSE it! The blouse or
shirt you no longer wear...donate it and REDUCE the valuable natural
resources that go into the manufacturing process..

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Be an environmental steward. Think how YOU can reduce YOUR environmental footprint by conserving resources. Then ACT. Remember: we do not own the environment, no one can. We are merely a “caretaker” of the natural resources around us for future generations.