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Hazardous Waste Manifest System

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Treatment, Storage and Disposal

Modifications to the Hazardous Waste Manifest

Frequent Questions

Notice of Availability of EPA's Manifest Registry - April 26, 2006

Notice of Data Availability - April 18, 2006

Final Rule - March 4, 2005

Proposed Rule - May 22, 2001

The current hazardous waste manifest system is a set of forms, reports, and procedures designed to seamlessly track hazardous waste from the time it leaves the generator facility where it was produced, until it reaches the off-site waste management facility that will store, treat, or dispose of the hazardous waste. EPA revised the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest (PDF) (1 p, 93K About PDF ) in March 2005. The system allows the waste generator to verify that its waste has been properly delivered, and that no waste has been lost or unaccounted for in the process.

The key component of this system is the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest which is a form prepared by all generators who transport, or offer for transport, hazardous waste for off-site treatment, recycling, storage, or disposal. Currently, the manifest is a paper document containing multiple copies of a single form. When completed, it contains information on the type and quantity of the waste being transported, instructions for handling the waste, and signature lines for all parties involved in the disposal process. The manifest is required by both Department of Transportation and EPA. Each party that handles the waste signs the manifest and retains a copy for themselves. This ensures critical accountability in the transportation and disposal processes. Once the waste reaches its destination, the receiving facility returns a signed copy of the manifest to the generator, confirming that the waste has been received by the designated facility.

A number of States have additional State requirements regarding the use of the new Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.  Some States require copies to be submitted to the State, and/or have State-specific waste codes in addition to the federal hazardous waste codes required to be entered on the new manifest.

What guidance is available using the paper manifest forms?

There is a training video available at: www.pneac.org/hazwastemanifest Exit EPA. This training video introduces the new manifest form, highlights the differences between the new and the previous manifest form, and provides specific instructions to generators, transporters and treatment/storage/disposal facilities for completing the new manifest. Handlers of waste (generators, or treatment, storage or disposal facilities) must obtain the new forms from any source that has been approved by the EPA Manifest Registry to print and distribute the form.

EPA intends to develop and operate an electronic manifest (e-Manifest) IT system

For more than a decade, EPA has actively pursued adopting an alternative tracking approach for hazardous waste shipments to the current paper-based manifest tracking system. EPA has worked with the states, industry, and other stakeholders to adopt an electronic manifesting approach that would allow waste shipments to be tracked electronically. On October 5, 2012 the President signed the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act (the Act) into law. The Act mandates that EPA establish and implement an IT system designed to track hazardous waste shipments in lieu of the paper-based system. Once developed, users of the system will be able to create manifests electronically and transmit them through the system. However, pursuant to the Act, any e-Manifest approach that would be adopted by regulation would be voluntary, and the paper manifest and continuation sheet forms would remain available for those entities that would prefer to track their hazardous waste shipments with the existing Forms 8700-22 and 8700-22A. For more information about e-Manifest, please see the e-Manifest page.


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